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Cutter skeleton

Design, Olof Wranne

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New features on Tube

Chamfer & cylindrical cutoff

Bevel on tube

We've developed two new features on the Tube module. These modules will let you cut chamfers and cylindrical cutoffs which you can use for welding multiple tubes together and get a more snug fit.

Video demo

Lead Placement

Same placement on multiple parts

Automatically select where you want your leads on multiple parts.

Simple improvements are great. One, you will notice when you open the "Contour" command in the latest version. It'll let you set the same position of internal and external leads on multiple parts. Just pick where you want them and IGEMS will do the rest. Simple, right?


A fast way of nesting

A great, fast way of manual nesting

For all of you who share the occasional joy of manual nesting, we’ve got great news! The GlideNest, with its automatic collitsion control gives you an easy way to create fast nests. Go ahead and watch the video for a complete demo.

Video demo


Make lines by sketching

The perfect command for quick sketching

The sketch command offers a great way of drawing lines by hand. Although you can draw with your mouse, we strongly recommend using a pen tablet for the sketch command.

Video demo


A great, new snap function

An easier way to find tangential and perpendicular directions

We added Tracking to the snap system. The new feature makes it easier to find the tangential and perpendicular directions used from the last point selected.

Video demo


Variable Offset Control

A new functionality for greater accuracy

We just released a new optimizing functionality In IGEMS 2013.4 called VOC, Variable Offset Control. It calculates a new path for the jet with variable distance around your parts. When the speed changes, the distance from the parts changes, making the geometry more exact.
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For C-axis and table

IGEMS advanced Tube module

The Tube module lets you cut tubes with either C-axis or the pipe laying flat on the table. It comes with the 3D previewer so you easily can visualise the results before you start cutting. And, you can cut with both 5X and regular 3X machines.

Video demo

Circle Nest

Optimizing circles on sheets

Nesting circles with higher material utilization

A new Circle Nest command is now released. With this command you can nest different number of disks (circles) at the same time. Saving you a great deal of material. Nesting on multiple sheets at same time require Nest level 2. The command is available in IGEMS 2013.3 or later…

Video demo

AutoCAD 2013

Support for AutoCAD 2013


IGEMS supports and read Autodesk Autocad 2013 files.

  • - .DWG
  • - .DXF

3D viewer

The cube


A new 3D viewer opens up possibilities

IGEMS new 3D viewer makes it easier to view beveled objects.


New feature for inkjet marking

Inkjet marking

Improved and redesigned Inkjet system. Now supports multiple labels och each part and different text heights.

  • - Works in the simulation.
  • - Multiple lables on each part.
  • - Different text heights.