Clip-on perfection

The IGEMS Straighter is a handy and advanced tool that clips onto the machine’s mixing tube. It’s a matter of seconds until the 5-axis kinematic perpendicular angle is as straight as an arrow.

It’s straight o’clock

Compared to the time-consuming process of using indicator clocks for getting cutting tools perpendicular to your stock material, the IGEMS Straighter does the job in seconds. Say goodbye to late o’clock, say hey to the Straighter.

Reference the Straighter and start calibrating from IGEMS CNC.
Put the Straighter on the mixing tube.

Technical details


Anodized 6082 aluminum



Power supply

Male type A USB

Tilt range

-45° to +45°

Water resistant

IP 67 rated

Sooooooooo convenient

Can you see how pleased Jesper is? He knows that by using the Straighter, he's saving around 1/2 hour of calibration time for the Tilter (and a lot more time on other 5x kinematic mechanisms).