Welcome to our IGEMS family!

We are a diverse and committed team of unpretentious and ambitious innovators. Our mission is creating the world’s best waterjet cutting experience for you. Join us on the journey towards a feature loving future.

I’m happy that you’ve found us here!

As CEO, my part on the journey forward will be cultivating a culture of always being there for our customers and partners and bringing IGEMS even closer to you. Our goal is to solve our customers’ challenges (even the ones that are considered impossible) and constantly improve the experience of interacting with us. The familiar feeling and unpretentious IGEMS atmosphere will never change.

Every day at IGEMS has the same objective: making your waterjet cutting results better. We do this by reinventing and developing software and hardware solutions and bringing them closer to you, via a customer journey that makes you excel.

So, what’s new? Soon, we’ll be launching our CNC software on a larger scale, making it available for new markets, more customers, and partners. This is the first CNC software on the market that has all the functionality you need for waterjet cutting and it will change the game for everyone who depends on efficiency in waterjet cutting processes. Read more about our CNC software here.

For me, every day at IGEMS is another innovative step on a shared journey with a great team, always ready to rise to any waterjet cutting challenge in the world. Our mission is to give you the same experience.

Welcome to the family!

Josefin Larsson, CEO

Bo Johansson, Nils Bergman & Patrik Svensson

Founders' words

Bo’s story

My first contact with the waterjet cutting technology was in 1986. I was immediately intrigued by all the possibilities. I understood that with a specially designed CAD/CAM system, the technology could make waterjet cutting faster, more accurate and easier to use. Developing this system to perfection has been the driving force of IGEMS ever since.

Nils’s entry

I joined IGEMS in 1991 (when digital watches were no longer in fashion and the Greek blue had replaced Minty green as the trendiest color). I got to know Bo through my work in stability calculations for ships and vessels, so I was kind of already in the water business.

In the late 90s we decided to drop everything but software for waterjet cutting. No regrets there. To focus all our innovation resources on this one area is the best choice we ever made. 

Patrik’s tale

In 1994, when I joined IGEMS, it was like landing on my home planet. The opportunity to use my C programming skills to develop and reinvent world unique software for waterjet cutting was as fun and rewarding then as it is today. I’m sure that Bo and Nils share my view here: we have the best, the most motivating and inspiring job ever. Period. 

To sum it all up

IGEMS is now the world's leading supplier of software for waterjet cutting. We are seriously proud of what we do every day. For almost three decades we’ve had the privilege of helping our partners around the world make the most of their waterjet cutting. And it’s largely thanks to our partners and users that we have become what we are. We develop and improve, inspired by your input. Your challenges make us better. Thanks for that and keep in touch with us at IGEMS!

PS. To quote the great Plato: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. That’s IGEMS, for you folks. Your necessity, our inventions. Full stop.