We’ve come a long way since our founding days in 1986 when it was a one man show running the business from a garage in Boras, Sweden. Today we are the leader of waterjet cutting applications with around 50 resellers and over 5000 users around the world.

Our focus has always been on improving the technology behind waterjet cutting rather than creating a profitable business. That’s probably why most our users, resellers and employees have stayed loyal to us and found their success, together with us.

We are a tightly knit team of 9 individuals who still run our day to day business in Boras, Sweden. We moved out of the garage though and into a fancy building we helped designed. Here we have two waterjet cutters for development and a whole range of other machines to play around with.

And that’s what we do. Play. All day long. We even have a golf tournament played on the red carpet in the office corridor everyday. It’s what we feel is the best way to go about problem solving.

Your friends at IGEMS