Maximizing material utilization

The IGEMS CNC Snapper takes detailed and accurate photos of the cutting table. The image provides the basis for optimal positioning in the NC program, saving time and minimizing material use.

On your marks, cut, done!

Anyone operating a CNC machine knows the time it takes setting up the material properly. Making sure your parts will fit the material and more importantly, making the machine start on the right position. IGEMS Snapper makes this almost too easy. Simply drag the toolpath to the desired position and start cutting. That’s it.

1. Place material
2. Take picture
3. Place parts

Technical details


Anodized 6082 aluminum

Camera resolution

12 megapixels

Mounting option

Clamp mount

Lens protection

Lid with pneumatic piston

Field of view


Outer dimensions


Power supply

DC 5.5-32V

Network connection



Static IP

Proudly produced in-house

As with many things here at IGEMS, the Snapper also starts its journey in our workshop. Here, Inge is preparing the outer aluminium shell for assembly.