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2023-12-06R2023.4.3058Major release
ChangedImproved Fence selection. Entities not visible on screen will now be selected correctly when using the Fence selection mode.CAD
FixedFixed bug with BevelCut when selecting faces manually.CAM
FixedImproved QuickBevel. Can also cut on other objects now.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with speeds in GridCut for Pure Water machinesCAM
2023-11-21R2023.4.3056Major release
FixedMinor change Lisp.LISPREVISION2
2023-11-17R2023.4.3055Major release
FixedTilted piercing was not called when using Pre-piercing3D5XREVISION2
FixedTool Initialization was always used, even if it was turned off. This is now fixed.CAMREVISION2
FixedUpdated ILISP documentationLISPREVISION2
2023-11-15R2023.4.3054Major release
FixedUppdated ILISP documentation.LISPREVISION2
FixedThe Attribute TIP is now documented. The TIP attribute makes it possible to add Tooltip on many controllers.LISP
FixedNow gaps are not added to holes in common cutlines.CAM
FixedFixed bug with bevel cut and overcut in some casesCAM
FixedFixed bug with Quality command. Parts could sometimes be transformed.CAM
2023-11-08R2023.4.3048Major release
NewAdded the EULA to the About dialog.
NewAdded a Clone lead button to Edit part. This allows you to clone the selected lead to other cuts.
NewParts are now rendered with a gradient.CAM
ChangedIn the BevelCut command you can now add multiple cuts before returning to the dialog.CAM
ChangedThe PartProperties dialog now remembers its size.CAM
ChangedAdded a button in Cutorder dialog to set Zero point Z to material thicknessCAM
ChangedSwapped width/height for default sheets in inch modeCAM
Fixed3D-5X dialog text now updates correctly when changing machine/material3D5X
FixedFixed bug with *Insert* filter in INCH modeORGANIZER
FixedFixed bug when setting unitless drawing to Same as units for new installations.CADDATAEXCHANGE
FixedSim3D now remembers the background colorCAM
FixedFixed bug in Lock sheet with Cutoffs that used multiple toolsCAM
FixedFixed bug with relative coordinates when editing a Rapid in Edit part. Also added Undo.CAM
FixedFixed bugs opening some DXF files.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedThe 3D-5X toolbar is now hidden when using the Bevel and BevelCut commands.CAM
2023-11-08R2023.4.3049Major release
FixedFixed bugs with BevelCut on rotated partsCAM
2023-10-30R2023.4.3045Major release
NewAdded Clone to quality. You can now set the quality for one contour and clone this quality to identical contours, even if rotated or in other parts.CAM
NewTool Setup for Toolpaths. It is now possible to use multiple tools for individual toolpaths. The tool setup for toolpaths also supports different distances between tools. This new command can be found under CAM/Toolpath/Tool setup. Only works with revision 2 post processors.CAMREVISION2
FixedNew LISP function (CAM-TVL <thickness> <speed>) returns a list with TAC VOC LAG for existing material. Note the values is in mm.CAMLISP
FixedFixed bug with Excel export in the Sheet database dialog.CAM
FixedFixed bug with manual loops in combination with micro-jointsCAM
FixedFixed bug with display graphics in the new bevel cut command.CAM3D5X
2023-10-20R2023.4.3042Major release
FixedFixed HPGL file importDATAEXCHANGE
2023-10-17R2023.4.3040Nightly build
NewNew ILIPS function: (STRSPLIT <text> <delimiter>) return a list of string separated by delimiterLISP
2023-10-11R2023.4.3030Major release
NewAdded an Offset curve command in 3D5X3D5X
NewAdded a button in the sheet database to insert sheets without counting down quantity in database.CAM
NewMajor changes in the 2D bevel system. We have added back the old Bevel and Bevel cut commands. They have been greatly improved and have new user interface. 2D bevel cutting is no longer done as a 3D-5X part but on the 2D-part but the user interface for creating bevel cuts are done inside 3D-5X. We have also added better loop support with a new loop type with radius and loops can be enabled/disabled on individual corners.CAM
NewNew postprocessor function $PATHINFO This will give information about comming toolpath.CAMLISPREVISION2
ChangedUppdated ILISP documentation.LISPREVISION2
ChangedAdded sequence numbers in the cutorder dialogCAM
FixedMajor changes in Edit Part. The dialog box has been redesigned with tabs. More properties for the toolpaths has been added.CAM
FixedFixed bugs in Quick. Also added so if multiple contours exists at the selected start point the user have to select the contour to cut on before picking the endpoint.CAM
2023-10-03R2023.4.3015Major release
NewNew LISP function (CAM-DISCONNECT <obj>) will disconnect all toolpath geometries in a part.LISP
FixedNew LISP function (CAD-IMAGE <filename> <pos> <xsize> <ysize>. The function will insert an image to the CAD screen.LISP
FixedFixed missing buttons in help window
FixedFixed bug with Compensation in Quick when not connected to part.CAM
FixedRemoved debug graphics from previous version.CAM
2023-09-12R2023.2.3002Nightly build
NewAdded Active tool distance to Tools dialog.CAM
NewAdded a QuickPrint button to reports. Will print the document on the default printer without any dialog boxes.REPORT
NewAdded a new table AllParts that will contain all the part entities.REPORT
NewNew variable $lastcutonpart can be used in PIERCING, LINE, ARC, ROTAX and CUTOFF. The variable i T if its the last machining before the machining continues on next part.CAMLISPREVISION2
NewHeight sensoring: It is now possible to have separate settings for drillings. You can have a new sensoring if the distance from previous drilling sensoring is more than a specific distance (example 800mm). This is not affect the sensorings settings for cutting than can be (for example 200mm).CAMREVISION2
NewYou can now change the back color in the 3D simulationCAM
NewAdded an autoscale button in DimSettings to set a scale that will make the text look good on screen.CAD
NewAdded plasma Ampere to Report Material table.REPORT
ChangedSome improvements in scale by reference. Now possible to select two points for the second reference.CAD
ChangedUpdated the Quick command. You can now select start and end positions freely and not only in endpoints. You can also pick the lead positions freely.CAM
ChangedNumeric keypad decimal button now works when typing coordinates3D5X
ChangedAdded a button to open Curves directly from Bevel dialog3D5X
ChangedPartProperties dialog is now resizeableCAM
ChangedRectangle command now displays size of rectangle when moving the mouse3D5X
ChangedAdded one more decimal for piercing times in material dialog.CAM
ChangedEdit part now opens with the clicked toolpath selectedCAM
FixedFixed bug with loops in collision detection when nesting.CAMNEST
FixedFixed bug with Help window. Moved the help system from an external help.exe to an internal dialog. This should make it more robust.
FixedError when saving a SVG/SVGZ file when drawing contained huge coordinates due to limitations in the svg format was fixed by transforming the saved data before writing it to file.CADDATAEXCHANGE
2023-07-05R2023.2.2990Nightly build
NewNew variables avaiable in OrganizerRegister.lsp *OBJECT* *NAME* *QUANTITY* *CUSTOMER* *DATE* *DBID* *OLDDBID* *MATERIAL* *ALLOY* *THICKNESS* *MACHINE* *MACHINETYPE* *AREA* *LENGTH* *XSIZE* *YSIZE* *CUTTIME* *PRODUCED* *NCFILES* *SHEETS* This file can be used in file comunication with ERP system.LISPREPORTREVISION2
2023-06-26R2023.2.2987Nightly build
NewAutomatic Tangent Surface Selection when creating curves. Control+Click on a surface and all surfaces that are tangential will be selected. Greatly increases the speed to create curves on advanced models.3D5X
NewAdd thickness button added to the material machine selection dialog.CAM
NewAdd other objects to existing parts.CADCAM
ChangedImproved Layer dropdown and dialogCAD
FixedFixed bug with rewinds. The start rotation was not calculated correctly in all cases.CAMREVISION2
Fixedadded missing argument to $rapid when tubecutting3D5X
FixedFixed bugs in the Kerf calculations.3D5X
FixedFixed bug with Mirror in QuickNestNEST
Fixed$flag value is now visible in RAPID function in the postprocessor.CAMLISPREVISION2
2023-05-30R2023.2.2980Nightly build
NewNew GP-LINKLABEL function creates a text entity with a URL link in our Dynamic dialog box system for ILISP.LISP
NewShift+Double click on part opens the Edit toolpath dialog.CAM
NewAdded possibility to select how multiple tools nesting performs by selecting to optimize by time-average-materialNEST
NewLeads can now be selected from the lead library.3D5X
NewAdded user definable shortkeys under Preferences. You can add new shortkeys to any command and redefine default shortkeys.
NewNow possible to change the sheet size of rectangular sheets in the Edit sheet dialog.CAM
FixedNew variable in postprocessor function PART. The PART function can be the same when switching between Marking, Pre-piercing or drilling. The variable $chpart is T if the toolpath continou on a new part. This is to support the restart at any position in IGEMS cncLISPREVISION2
2023-05-19R2023.2.2971Nightly build
FixedFixed some problem with drilling heightsCAMREVISION2
2023-05-17R2023.2.2970Nightly build
NewAdded preview image in Insert Block dialogCAD
NewTVL tilt angles are clamped to max tool tilt when cutting on 2D parts.CAM
New3D-5X now supports other objects when opening 2D-parts3D5X
ChangedImproved the 2D simulation dialog. Added a TimeLeft text that shows how long time is left of the job. Added a Part Info button that shows what parts are cut and what parts are left to cut.CAM
ChangedWhen importing from the sheet database in AutoNest a selection dialog opens where you can select the sheets to use in the nest.NEST
ChangedUpdated 3D-5X file version to 30593D5X
FixedFixed missing cutting parameters button in material dialogCAM
FixedFixed bug when cutting the outer contour of 3D-5X parts using Partwise common cutline.CAM3D5X
FixedRemoved balancing when using Clamp linear feed.CAMREVISION2
FixedWhen the offset between drilling tool and the jet was handled from IGEMS then the distance was calculated wrong. This is now fixed.CAMREVISION2
FixedThe postprocessor was generating wrong Z-axis movement depending on the type of Z-equipment. For example Z-coordinates was generated even if there was no Z-axis.CAMREVISION2
FixedChanged the material cost distribution calculations when using the Part boxes material method in Cost Estimate. Also fixed a bug with Part boxes when using multiple tools.REPORT
2023-05-03R2023.2.2959Nightly build
NewUpdated to EyeShot 20233D5X
ChangedImproved Corner Cutout. Added one more type of corner. Added support to perform cutout on all corners in a polyline by holding down Control.CAMTOOLS
ChangedChanged the logic of the MasterMachine logic. It will now only change machine when a drawing is opened.CAM
ChangedImproved algorithms for Automatic leadsCAMREVISION2
FixedNew header variables in the IPF postprocessors. $AngleIpo, $SpeedIpo, $tac, $voc, $lag, $flyonoff and $kerfcnc More information in the ILISP documentation F1 in ILISP editor.CAMLISPREVISION2
FixedFixed bug with TAC wrong direction when using TAC only.CAM
2023-04-28R2023.2.2947Nightly build
NewAdded a Master machine settings in mac-mat dialog. This means you can select one machine as your master machine. When opening a drawing this machine will always be selected no matter the machine used in the drawing. This settings is saved locally on the computer and not in the shared folder. So every user can have different master machines.CAM
NewDrawing notes. Button is now added to default toolbar under IGEMS/New/Drawing note
NewNew ILISP functions: UC-GET and UC-SET. The functions can be used to write and read value from user configuration files.LISP
NewAdded a new command Center Holes. This command will center parts inside circular holes.CAM
NewNew command Join in 3D-5X3D5X
NewAdded a sample report to the CostEstimate report.REPORT
ChangedImproved TAC calculations when using TAC only.CAM
ChangedFixed problem that LOW Pressure was not called correctly for Marking.CAMREVISION2
ChangedThe directory where you save the CNC-files is can be handled in two ways: Using a fixed folder, then the same folder will be suggested all time. If you don't use a fixed folder then IGEMS will remember the last used folder. This is a change. Before IGEMS always suggest the drawing directory.CAMLISPREVISION2
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentationLISP
FixedFixed bug in reports. The Sheets skeleton weight and area was wrong.REPORT
FixedFixed bug with TVL data and the default cutting parameters overwriting current values.CAM
2023-04-04R2023.2.2935Nightly build
NewNew ILISP functions (CAM-SETMATVAR <name> <value>) (CAM-SAVEMAT) Can be used to update the material variable *Technology* from the postprocessor or from applications.LISP
NewSaving CNC-file. If the checkbox "Use a fixed folder" in unchecked and the drawing file is saved. Then IGEMS will suggest the same folder as the drawing.CAM
ChangedGeometry optimization diameter can now be manually overridden in create part dialog.CAM
2023-03-30R2023.1.2929Nightly build
ChangedNow possible to toggle color in QuickNest.NEST
ChangedMachine templates are now included in the ISF filesCAD
FixedFixed bug in Mirror and Scale on Sheets.CADCAM
FixedFixed bug in collision detection on leadout with only a radius.CAM
FixedFixed bug exporting DXF in inch mode. The DXF was saved in mm.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedFixed bug exporting DXF when compressed files was true in preferences.DATAEXCHANGE
2023-03-23R2023.1.2923Nightly build
NewAdded Axis Acceleration in Machine settings.CAM
NewAdded Drawing NoteCAD
2023-03-13R2023.1.2912Nightly build
NewNew variable in footer $abrasiveamount gives the total consumption of abrasive for actual job. The value is used by IGEMS cnc.CAMLISPREVISION2
NewAdded manual rotation angles control in AutoNestNEST
NewImproved MicroJoints, you can now create multiple microjoints automatically.CAM
ChangedCentripital acceleration settings now also affects feeds.CAM
ChangedWhen creating a cutorder where the parts are in multiple sheets all parts in each sheet will be cut together before moving on to the next sheet.CAM
FixedFixed bug with TAC calculations on 2D parts when using TAC+VOCCAM
FixedImproved DXF export. Only exports selected entities and not all blocks and layers.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedFixed a workaround for a bug in open DXF related to dimensions found in one DXF drawing.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedFixed bug with Slave cuts and Rapids with STOP in them.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with microjoints rapids on tube cutting3D5X
FixedA new variable $useflyctrl can now be used. It is T if the "Flying Jet ON/OFF control" checkbox is activated in the Delay tab in the machine settings. The flying jet ON/OFF is mainly developed for IGEMS cnc.CAMLISPREVISION2
2023-03-13R2023.1.2913Nightly build
ChangedAdded a Show all checkbox in Quality dialog.CAM
FixedFixed bug with deformed toolpaths when creating part in some cases.3D5X
2023-02-27R2023.1.2900Nightly build
ChangedLinear piercing are using a dynamic speed. If you use a too long speed leadin, then the speed is increased to not to take to long time. What is new is that the first object on the geometry now will have the same startspeed as the leadin. This is only interesting if the CNC controller can use speed interpolation like IGEMS cnc.CAMLISP
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentation.LISP
FixedPostprocessor variable "$lowatoff" could have a wrong value in some cases using low pressure piercings on 3D-5X parts.CAM3D5X
FixedThe variable *IS-IGEMS-CNC* do not longer has to be included in postprocessors for Revision 2.REVISION2
2023-02-23R2023.1.2895Nightly build
ChangedThe NC filename for a cutorder can now be turned on/off in the Preferences.CAM
FixedFixed bug mirroring rapidsCAM
FixedFixed problems with the installation. Several files were missing.
2023-02-22R2023.1.2892Nightly build
NewNew variable $modestr in the PART function of the postprocessor. This is to make actual process information to the HMI of IGEMS cncCAMLISPREVISION2
NewAdded AreaOuter, WeightOuter and LengthOuter to the Parts table in reports.REPORT
NewThe Part function in the postprocessor has now a new variable $contains. This can be used to know in advance whats kind of operation there is on actual part.CAMLISPREVISION2
NewAdded a [Serial] tag to Inkjet markingCAM
NewAdded a button to open the AutoSave folder in preferencesCAD
ChangedAutomatic blind lead now use 600mm/min as speed for the first G1 G41 movement. This is not used for cutting, just for activating the kerf compensation.REVISION2
FixedAutomatic blind lead: This is now improved to work better on all kind of CNC. We turn on water and abrasive without any waiting and piercing time. Then we calculate the distance it will take for the water and abrasive to arrive and the distance it take for jet jet to cut through and add that as overcut.CAMREVISION2
FixedFixed bug when using Overcut and VOC on small holesCAM
FixedTAC flag now works in CommonCutlineCAM
FixedThe function for activate or deactivate TVL on a disconnected part dis not work before. This is now fixed.CAM
2023-02-15R2023.1.2883Nightly build
FixedSmall changes in strategy for plasma.CAMLISP
FixedFixed bugs in CommonCut. Some edges was not identified.CAM
FixedFixed Inch conversion bug in TVL editor.CAM
2023-02-10R2023.1.2879Nightly build
NewIGEMS now support two different end of cut speeds. As normal we are using the speed for outside 90 degree corner. In the Cutting part of the strategy it is now possible to change the end of cut speed to inside corner speed, this is about 50% slower. Can give some nicer result but also take some extra time.CAM
NewNew ILISP function: (CIRCLEINTERSEC <center> <radius> <center> <radius>) returns a list of intersection pointsLISP
ChangedQuick create part now allows pre-selected geometry. CAMTIME SAVER
FixedFixed bug with default rapid movements on 3D-5X parts in rev2.CAM3D5XREVISION2
FixedAligned Text is now exported correctly to DXF.DATAEXCHANGE
2023-02-03R2023.1.2869Nightly build
NewIn the About form you can now see a message log of all messages sent.LICENSE
ChangedUpdated 3D5X file version to 30573D5X
FixedOriginal filename is now available in properties.3D5X
FixedOther objects is now imported to 3D5X when double clicking on a 2D part.3D5X
FixedBevel footprint is now also shown for slave partsCAM3D5X
FixedUpdated IGEMS documentationCADCAM
FixedMySQL should now work with both MariaDB and MySQL servers.ORGANIZER
FixedFixed bug with deleting parts using MySQLORGANIZER
FixedFixed bug in Organizer when removing the released or remains columns from visible columns.ORGANIZER
FixedNew postprocessor variable $nodename in the PIERCING function. This is the name of the actual toolpath.CAMLISP
FixedFixed offline deactivation in subscriptionLICENSE
2023-01-20R2023.1.2858Nightly build
NewSingle loops can now be added to common cutlines or other disconnected toolpaths.CAM
NewCreatePart registration LISP script. A LISP script can be run when a new part is created. This allows for custom operations to be performed on new parts.CAM
NewOrganizer and Sheets databases can now use MySQL instead of SQLITE. When working multiple users against the database MySQL is much faster compared to SQLITE.CAMORGANIZERTIME SAVER
ChangedAnalyze now works as a toggle. Pressing once will create analyze information. Pressing again will remove it. CAMCAMTOOLSTIME SAVER
FixedFixed additional bugs in the MySQL Organizer database. Fixed problems with part ids and long material and machine names.ORGANIZER
FixedDo not use MySQL in older versions. Contact us if you want us to make a test conversion of your old SQLITE database.ORGANIZER
FixedMeasure now works on 3D-5X toolpathsCAM3D5XREVISION2
2023-01-17R2022.4.2854Nightly build
FixedRemoved MySQL from 2022.4 version
2023-01-16R2022.4.2852Nightly build
FixedFixed bug with TAC calculations using old TAC system.CAM
FixedFixed bug with Line and pending perpendicular snap.CAD
2023-01-10R2022.4.2845Nightly build
NewAdded PartArea and PartWeight to sheet database. Added "Update data" button to sheets database, this button will calculate and populate the database with the weight and area of any parts in each sheet. This button can also be used if the material density has been changed in the material database. Holding CTRL and pressing Export will create a CSV file with Material/Quality/Thickness + Weight for all visible rows in the table.CAM
FixedFixed bug with TAC calculations.CAM
FixedNew LISP variable $abarsiveamount avaiable in the footer function. This variable can be used to inform how much abrasive that the work will use.CAM
FixedUpdated ILISP documentationLISP
FixedFixed bug with Marking. Selecting Text in multi mode did not work.CAM
FixedFixed bug with other objects. Other objects could prevent nesting inside holes.NEST
FixedLocked in Material TAC/VOC settings is now saved correctly.CAM
FixedFixed bug in TAC interpolation when using TAC+VOC on circles with overcut.CAM
2022-12-16R2022.4.2832Nightly build
NewThree new key value for ILISP function CAD-GET "TOOLS" is a bitcoded value that describe which jet are active. "TOOLDIST" is a value that describe the distance between jets. "BASEPOINT" is the base point of the partLISP
FixedFixed zig-zag sorting lead position for blind lead in common cutlines.CAM
FixedFixed bug in toolpath when high and low feed was exactly the same. (internal bug in split arc for par=1)CAM
FixedFixed bug with Split part and touching geometry.CAM
FixedFixed bug with manual command and snapping when pressing Undo in the manual dialog.CAM
FixedImproved sorting in Marking using Multi.CAM
2022-12-08R2022.4.2826Nightly build
NewAdded button Reverse Toolpath in 3D5X Toolpath dialog.3D5X
FixedFixed bug in EditFeed dialog when not using TVL file. This bug was introduced in version 2815.CAM
FixedFixed bug reading DWG files with Layouts.DATAEXCHANGE
2022-12-06R2022.4.2823Nightly build
NewNew AutoNest version 9.0 c7d4837879e6NESTMATERIAL SAVER
NewDouble-Click on Circle to change radius.CADTIME SAVER
FixedRevison 2 Start rapids in a cut order caused a LISP error. This is now fixed.CAM
FixedFixed Common cutline leadin position when using zig-zag sorting.CAM
FixedFixed bug with FlipWindup and Rewind calculations.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed selection sorting order in copy and array commands.3D5X
FixedMicrojoint will now also work on machines with poor handling of Z-axis. Poor = Automatic up/down controlled by water On/Off3D5XLISP
FixedFixed bug removing and then adding the same part to a cutorder.CAM
2022-11-24R2022.4.2822Nightly build
2022-11-24R2022.4.2822Nightly build
2022-11-18R2022.4.2820Nightly build
ChangedChanged the logic for parts in Process. If the cutorder only contains connected toolpaths only those parts are used. If the cutorder contains non-connected toolpaths all parts overlapping the cutorder will be used (same as before).CAM
Changed3D simulator now shows Stop message box, the same as the 2D simulation.CAM
FixedFixed bug in Auto curves.3D5X
FixedFixed bug in Help(F1).CAD
2022-11-14R2022.4.2815Nightly build
NewAdded optional radius to leads in 3D-5XCAM3D5X
NewAdded default dark and light background settings in the Preferences dialog.CAD
NewUpdated to EyeShot version 2022.3.5933D5X
ChangedDouble click on a part will open Part Properties. CTRL+Double click will open 3D-5X.CADCAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with Engagement when cutting with Fixed.CAM3D5X
FixedPure water machine and Slow down in corners now work fully on 3D-5X partsCAM3D5X
FixedFixed TAC now works on 3D-5X partsCAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with crash when Measure in advance was used and measure distance was zero.CAM
FixedFixed bug with OpenGL driver. Black color and a light background did not work correctly.CAD
FixedFixed bugs with Flip windup and Rewind in 3D-5X toolpaths.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug when pressing Del in edit toolpath dialog.CAM
FixedFixed bugs with some surfaces in STEP files not trimmed correctly.3D5X
2022-10-21R2022.4.2806Nightly build
NewRedesigned the Create Part dialog. Added the five user variables as well.CAD
NewAdded an Analyze button in CostEstimate. This will show time and abrasive savings per year.CAM
ChangedChanged how Double-Click works on parts. Double-click will now open the part in 3D-5X. Ctrl+Double-click will open Part Properties.CAD
ChangedAdded an Organizer properties button to the PartProperties dialog.CAD
ChangedChanged background in the Head kinematics viewer.CAM
FixedFixed bug when creating Curves and picking surfaces.3D5X
FixedFixed bug with $STOP in parts when using IGEMS2CAM
FixedFixed bug with the rapid lift height between parts.CAM3D5X
2022-10-12R2022.4.2803Nightly build
New3D5X parts now show the bottom bevel as a gray dotted line in the 2D CAD. Makes it easier to see how the cuts are done. Note! If the cut has more than 70deg tilt the bottom bevel is not displayed.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with MaxTiltChange in head kinematics. This is an important bug fix for a problem started in R2022.3.2783 If you have a version between 2783 and 2802 please update.CAM3D5X
2022-10-11R2022.3.2802Nightly build
NewAdded Job.TimeTotalMinutes tag to Job table.REPORT
NewAdded five user variables that can be set in the parts. Can only be set in the PartProperties dialog at the moment.CAD
NewAdded a Name below sheet in Sheet dialog. If this checkbox is checked the sheet name will be displayed below the sheet instead of inside the sheet.CAM
NewAdded a Sequence number button to cutorder. This will add the sequence number to each part as normal text on the drawing.CAM
ChangedAdded a Scrap checkbox in RegisterSheets.CAM
2022-10-05R2022.3.2795Nightly build
ChangedRevison 2 It is now possible to postprocess a Tube part using a high sensor even if the part is not cylindrical. You will have a waning and then it's up to user to continue or stop
ChangedUpdated IGEMS documentation.CAM
2022-09-29R2022.3.2791Nightly build
ChangedThe sheets dialog now remembers the Parts and Quantity radio buttons.CAM
FixedFixed bug from version 2789 with the Mac/Mat dialog exception when saving a machine or material.CAM
2022-09-28R2022.3.2789Nightly build
NewNew ILISP function SORT. This can be used to sort optional kind of lists.LISP
ChangedWe have change the way we ramp down at the end of the cut. The end of the cut is alway ended with Low speed. Before the distance where we start to ramp down was calcualter from the lead out. Now it's calculated from the lead in position. The speed must be low where the jet moves in to an already cut path.CAM
FixedMade some changes when using USB FloatingLicence. GEMS license will never be released until IGEMS is closed.LICENSE
FixedImproved speed when using individual user defined standoff.CAM3D5X
2022-09-13R2022.3.2779Nightly build
NewUpdated to TxTextControl 31REPORT
NewAdded an Attached Sheet Files button. This will list all attached documents from all sheets in the report. Double clicking a document will open it and can then be printed.REPORT
FixedFixed bug with speed rampings when low-feed was exactly the same as low-feed inner corner.CAM
FixedFixed bugs and optimized the toolpath when using manual standoff or tilted standoff.3D5X
FixedModified speed modification for bevel cuts when the bottom length is longer than the programmed length. Now min 20% of top speed.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug exporting DXF with ATTRIB code 3.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedFixed so that Kerf=None is remembered when making new toolpaths.3D5X
2022-09-13R2022.3.2783Nightly build
ChangedRevision 2 Bevel arcs are now posted as G2 and G3. Before all arcs was vectorized to short lineCAM3D5X
FixedRevision 2 On kinematics where major axis is vertical it could before be a problem that the 3D-simulator and the real kinematic was showing different result. Both solution did correct cutting but it could result in that the rotation was over its limits.CAM3D5X
FixedBetter error message if USB floating license .lock file can not be created.LICENSE
FixedFixed bug with collision detection in the 3D simulator and six axis cutting.CAM
2022-08-31R2022.3.2770Nightly build
NewThe variable *SheetBounds* now also includes the name of each sheet.LISP
NewUpdated to TxTextControl 30REPORT
ChangedRevision 2: The speed for the blind lead is now the same as for the cutting. Before it was the max speed for cutting.
ChangedImproved speed control in the 3D simulator.CAM
ChangedRevision 2 Bevel arcs is no longer converted to lines on kinematics where major axis is vertical (when start and end slope is the same)3D5X
FixedFixed bug with tag Material.DisplayName when using inch.REPORT
FixedFixed bug in Cutorder when mixing common cutlines with normal cutting.CAM
2022-08-22R2022.3.2754Nightly build
FixedRevision 2: Fixed bug with using automatic height sensoring togheter with text commands.CAM
2022-08-18R2022.3.2752Nightly build
NewUpdated to EyeShot 20223D5X
NewAdded Report extra delay to pure waterjet machines.CAM
NewThe Pump On in the CHBARGRAM function is can now also be used for pure water cutting.CAM
NewAdded a setting for using Fixed speed on 3D-5X toolpaths.CAM3D5X
ChangedModified how six-axis rapids are created. Also added restrictions that rapids never go higher than the max z movement in the machine.3D5X
ChangedRevision 2 A good length for a lead in Linear piercing is around 12% of the thickness. The we are using X-fine speed. If we make the lead longer then we speed up (for saving time). Before we could speed up to X-rough speed. Now this is changed to Rough speed. This because we found problem with that high speed when cutting in plastic material.CAD
ChangedAdded a warning if leadout length is too short in the lead dialog.CAM
ChangedAdded a quantity column when registering sheets to the sheet database.CAMTIME SAVER
FixedRevision 2: The variable $contains is a bit value that holds information about many things. The variable has now also value 16 to check if any circular piercing are used.CAMLISP
FixedFixed bug with turning off speed ramping when using IGEMS rev 2.CAM
FixedThe function (ITOA <value>) can now convert 64 bits float to strings. Before it was a 32 bit limit.LISP
FixedFixed bug in Quality paint when selecting side and using snaps.CAM
FixedImproved Sheet reports.CAMREPORT
FixedFixed bug in mirror command.3D5X
FixedFixed bug with painting quality on common cuts.CAM
FixedFixed bug saving support files. There was a mix between the PPI and IPF postprocessor files.CAD
FixedFixed bug in ZoneDetection. If bar length was shorter than the part the zone detection could set the wrong tool.CAM
FixedFixed bug with drag/drop of jpeg images with file extension .jpeg.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedFixed bug with collision detection when simulating six axis cutting.CAM
2022-06-17R2022.2.2733Nightly build
NewCNC filename based on numbers will now support higher number than 2146483647 (32 bits integer)CAM
FixedFixed some bugs with the new chart displayed when nesting.NEST
FixedTile cutting now works in IGEMS revision 2.CAMTILEMAKER
FixedFixed bug with rapids between micro-joints. Now the tool is not lifted at all at micro-joints.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with wrong micro-joint leadin in IGEMS revision2.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with transformation of 3D-5X bevel parts.3D5X
FixedFixed bug with too slow speeds in corners. Sometimes an outside corner could be classified as an inside corner and the speeds would be too slow.3D5X
2022-06-08R2022.2.2726Nightly build
NewTilt Cutoff. A new command to cutoff thick materials. The cut will tilt forward at the end of the cut. CAM
ChangedAdded a graph showing the nest improvements. This makes it easier to decide when to stop the nesting. Also added a timer showing the time from the latest improvement.NESTMATERIAL SAVER
ChangedRevision 2 Flying water/abrasive off is now also working on 3D5X parts. This feature needs a CNC controller that supports this kind of operations (as IGEMS cnc).CAM3D5X
2022-06-03R2022.2.2722Nightly build
FixedFixed bug with Missing Licenses when using USB Floating License.LICENSE
2022-05-30R2022.2.2719Nightly build
ChangedImproved Automatic lead function that now care about mode of toolradius compensation and if the CNC controller are supporting flying On/Off handling of Water/Abrasive.CAM
FixedFixed bug with opening ACD files. (This bug is present in version 2022.1)DATAEXCHANGE
FixedFixed problem that the checkbox "Show options dialog" must be checked to be able to use inkjet printer.CAMLISP
FixedNew variable *Revision* is an integer that can be used to check the revison. 1 is the system with the .PPI postprocessors. 2 is the system with the .IPF postprocessors.LISP
2022-05-23R2022.2.2715Nightly build
ChangedWhen using USB Floating license you can now turn off periodic checking of the license. This is done in the Password dialog. Note! Turning off periodic checking will lock the license until the user turns off IGEMS.LICENSE
ChangedChanges in ZoneDetection. We now use the Bar length to calculate the ranges of the tools instead of the table size. ZoneDetection will use the Bar length, nr of tools and the min and max tool distance for the calculations.CAM
ChangedAdded text alignment in Inkjet select text command.CAM
ChangedInkjet from text now follows the rotation of the text.CAM
FixedInkjet snap rotation now snaps to 45deg steps.
FixedFixed bug in 3D-5X loops dialog. The loop calculations did not work for user defined Tilt only for machine Tilt.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with slow drawings with dimensions. By mistake rendering of dimensions did some file reading slowing down performance.CAD
2022-05-17R2022.2.2713Nightly build
NewRevision 2 New abrasive pre-load delay settings to control the time for the preloading of the abrasive when piercing in low pressure.
ChangedAdded multiselect in 3D-5X quality command. If only one toolpath is selected then you can paint the quality as before. If multiple toolpaths are selected they will all get the selected quality.3D5XTIME SAVER
ChangedRows are now color coded. Rows are red if Remain<=0 or Released=0. So, rows are black only if the part is released for production and quantity is > produced.ORGANIZER
ChangedWhen registering parts there is a new checkbox that if checked will set released=0 if produced>=quantity. This means the released for production flag will be set to off when the part is fully produced.ORGANIZER
ChangedYou can now double-click on the Released column in the table to enable/disable the released flag. If the released flag is 0 and you double click the released flag will be set to 1 and produced to 0. This means that for recurring parts you can just double-click on the released cell to put the part back in production.ORGANIZER
ChangedThe sheet database rows are now color coded. The rows are red if quantity=0.CAM
ChangedThe Organizer button in the sheet database now only lists parts that are released for production.CAM
FixedFixed bug with kerf calculation when the angle of the cut was too close to the calculated cutting plane. Changed from 89deg to 70deg.3D5X
2022-05-13R2022.2.2710Nightly build
ChangedAdded Quantity to the sheet database. Replaced the Inserted flag with a Quantity instead. CAM
ChangedSheet database dialog can now select visible columns and column order.CAM
FixedThe interpolation button in the Connect dialog now also interpolates the standoff correctly.3D5X
FixedDelay after cutting was not saved correctly in machine dialog when using PPI postprocessorCAM
2022-05-10R2022.2.2698Nightly build
NewAdded a connection to Organizer in the Sheet database. It's now possible to list all organizer parts in the current material and compare to available sheets. There is also a button to automatically open all parts and sheets in AutoNest. CAMTIME SAVER
ChangedAdded dialog when registering sheets. You can now select if only the sheet, sheet+parts or if the sheet should be locked when registering.CAMTIME SAVER
FixedFixed bug in zone detectionCAM
2022-05-04R2022.2.2693Nightly build
ChangedRevision 1 The settings for piercing delays was changed in version 2686. This settings are now changed back as it was before. The reason of this is that it needs modification in all postprocessors and we change our mind about this. This changes will only be used in Revision 2.CAM
ChangedLock sheet can now handle multiple sheets at the same time. This allows you to lock sheets when using multiple cutting heads where the parts are on different sheets.CAM
FixedFixed some bugs in the Machine dialogCAM
2022-05-04R2022.2.2692Nightly build
NewAdded automatic standoff depending on tilt angle. CAM3D5X
ChangedSheet database. Cutorder is now also saved with the sheet when registered.CAM
ChangedIn EditPart you can now save the selected lead in the lead database.CAM
ChangedThe DXF reader can now handle drawings with 3D-triangles.DATAEXCHANGE
ChangedNew Sheet database changes. When a sheet is inserted to a drawing it is NOT removed from the database. Instead it is flagged with Inserted=1, this means it has been inserted to a drawing. When this same sheet is registered again the sheet is updated in the database and Inserted is set to 0. So, Inserted=1 means the sheet is imported to a drawing and Inserted=0 means it is available for use. This means that if you forget to register or the computer crashes the sheet is still available in the database. This works even if you make changes to the sheet, like locking, dividing etc...CAM
ChangedUpdated 3D5X file version to 30533D5X
2022-05-04R2022.2.2695Nightly build
FixedFixed bugs in the Sheet database. When registering sheets with multiple cutorders.CAM
2022-04-28R2022.2.2686Nightly build
NewRevision 2 The new functionality FLYCTRL is now implemented. It is more or less designed for IGEMS CNC and will only work on CNC-controllers that do not make any stops in movements when water and abrasive is turned on or off.CAM
FixedRevision 1 The value piercing setting in older version is changed. And the value "Before moving" is deprecated. Set the "Before moving" value in "for abrasive to arrive".
FixedChanged some variable name in jet On/Off delay time to get old postprocessors more compatible with the new system released in R2022.2.2671
2022-04-26R2022.2.2681Nightly build
FixedFixed bug with standoff and collision detection in the connect dialog.3D5X
FixedThe "3-axis cutting" checkbox now updates the toolpath inside 3D-5x except for six-axis cutting.3D5X
FixedThe hint dialogs for cut type, tool position and engagement can now be clicked even if no toolpath is selected.3D5X
2022-04-26R2022.2.2682Nightly build
FixedRevision 2 Fixed bug with time calculation and reportsCAM
2022-04-22R2022.2.2676Nightly build
NewAdded possibility to control tool direction in rapids.3D5X
ChangedUpdated 3D5X file version to 30523D5X
FixedFixed bug importing sheets to the new sheet database.CAM
2022-04-20R2022.2.2672Nightly build
NewNew sheet database. The sheets are now stored in a database. CAM
FixedFixed problem on small circles with overcut shorter than the "Shortest line". In this case the circle did not get perfect round.CAM
FixedThe cutting order between different cuts in a 3D-5X part could sometimes be mixed up when using "Modify rapids". This problem is now fixed.3D5X
2022-04-12R2022.2.2671Nightly build
NewAdded ToCenter for SixAxis cutting when using Fixed cut type.CAM3D5X
ChangedWe have change the Machine settings for different delays between Abrasive/Water On and off. There is now only 4 settings which is logical. Time to open valve. Variable: $JetOpenValve Time for abrasive to arrive. Variable: $JetAbrasiveOn Time to empty hose. Variable: $JetAbrasiveOff Time to close valve. Variable: $JetCloseValveCAMLISP
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentationLISP
FixedThe commands Bevel design and Bevel cut has been signed as deprecated for long time. From now we have no support for this old commands and they are removed from the software. In the future use the Bevel command for this kind of job.CAM
FixedFixed bug with variable cut type and connection lines. Sometimes the connection lines was not in the correct positions on the curve.3D5X
2022-03-25R2022.1.2665Nightly build
NewAutomatic lead. The overcut distance on blind lead is now longer. We add the same distance as the time it takes for the abrasive to hit the material after water on.CAM
2022-03-22R2022.1.2663Nightly build
NewAdded a Units button to the Main form. Shows the current linear unit and when clicked opens the Units dialog.CAM
ChangedAdded a cost from sheet button in CostEstimate. Also, changing material cost in CostEstimate will no longer update the cost for the current material.CAM
FixedFixed bugs with cutting length on six axis cutting.CAM3D5X
2022-03-11R2022.1.2662Nightly build
NewAdded a Filter method in the Quality command. You can now select a filter entity and set the quality to all segments matching the filter. CAM
NewAdded a new command "Fix Topology". Sometimes when importing models a seam is missing inside holes. The Fix topology can update the model and add these seams. This was done automatically before but because this function sometimes does not work we have decided to move it to it's own command.3D5X
NewAdded a function in the PartProperties dialog to show all areas that has been affected by Geometry Optimization.CAM
ChangedImproved cutorder sorting.CAMTIME SAVER
ChangedReport paths can now be save locally instead of in the machine.CAM
FixedAutomatic rotation setting is now copied from current toolpath when making a new toolpath.3D5X
FixedRevision 2: The postprocessor CHTOOL was not called at all before in Revision 2. This is now working. It is also a new separate function for TOOLONOFF.CAM
FixedRevision 2: Updated ILISP2 documentation.
FixedFixed bug with collision detection on leadouts in some corner cases.CAM
FixedFixed bug with some hatch patterns when opening drawings.DATAEXCHANGE
2022-03-07R2022.1.2660Nightly build
FixedRevision 2: Some adjustment in the 5-axis kinematic, related to settings "Direction of movement" and "Direction of jet". It was not correct syncronized with the motor angles. That could result in that Rewinds was to early or to late.CAM
2022-02-24R2022.1.2657Nightly build
FixedRevision 2: Some improvements on the Measurepoint command in 3D-5X.CAM3D5X
2022-02-23R2022.1.2655Nightly build
New3D5X file format version 30503D5X
NewAdded manual control of rotation index angle for SixAxis cutting.3D5X
ChangedReplaced Sheets/Inventory/All materials with a new command. Sheet database.CAM
FixedLoops now works with Fixed cutting type.3D5X
FixedFixed bugs in Loops and improved remembering the settings. Radius loops when using Overcut did not work.3D5X
2022-02-14R2022.1.2649Nightly build
FixedRevision 2 The DATETOSTRING function seems to generate an wrong value on Indian OS. As a temporary fix the dates in this case is set to "20200214" (Valentine day)CAM
2022-02-11R2022.1.2648Nightly build
New3D5X file format version 30493D5X
NewNew command to flag a model as a fixture.3D5X
ChangedAdded more options to Rectangle Sheet command. X and B options.CAM
ChangedCreate Part can now use all texts in a part as part name.CAM
FixedRevision 2 Fixed bug 2 when using Kinematic in controller. Major axis could sometimes get wrong value.CAM3D5X
FixedRevision 2: Measurepoint did not get the correct Z-value when moving the zero point.
2022-02-08R2022.1.2646Nightly build
NewAdded Centripital acceleration limits to machine. This setting will limit speeds on circular arcs.CAM
NewNew AutoNest version 8.0 c7d4837879e6NESTMATERIAL SAVER
ChangedImproved multiple tool nesting for large parts.NESTMATERIAL SAVER
FixedFixed bug when using Path array on closed objects.CAD
FixedAdded SkeletonArea and SkeletonWeight to Sheets tableREPORT
FixedFixed bug with strange movements on some small arcs when having a long engagement length.CAM3D5X
FixedThe speed at the end of a cut should slow down to low speed. If you use an overcut then the speed was down to low speed for inside corner. This was a bug that now are fixed. The problem result in a large rotation of the major axis on kinematics with singularity problems when using TAC.CAM
2022-01-18R2022.1.2638Nightly build
FixedFixed bug with UNDO and INCH on empty drawing.CAD
FixedIGEMS Revision 2 only Fixed problem with wrong Z-value on Refpoint probing3D5X
2022-01-17R2022.1.2637Nightly build
NewSupport for up to 12 cutting toolsCAM
FixedExport now suggests drawing name as file name.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedIGEMS Revision 2 only New Variable *HeadDefIniFile* holds the name of the 5-axis kinematic ini file.LISP
FixedNew ILISP function (INIFILE-READ <FileName> <Section> <Variable>) returns the value from the INI file.LISP
FixedFixed bug with reading DXF/DWG files with 3D-solids and cylindrical holes.DATAEXCHANGE
2022-01-11R2021.4.2634Nightly build
FixedMade a fix for Measuring points in 3D-5XCAM3D5X
2022-01-11R2021.4.2633Nightly build
FixedFixed a problem with counting up filename number when postprocessing. This problem started in previous version when we add the possibiliy to suggest the sheet name as file name.CAMLISP
FixedSmall changes in the postprocessor TILT function. The variable $ab is now T instead of nil. This is more correct since there is a motion in $a or $b or $c.CAMLISP
2022-01-10R2021.4.2632Nightly build
FixedSome minor fixes on the simulation for 3D-5X marking3D5X
2022-01-10R2022.1.2631Nightly build
2022-01-05R2021.4.2628Nightly build
NewNew ILISP function (FILE-VALIDFILENAME <name>)check if the string <name> is valid as a filename. The function returns the filename if its OK else nil.LISP
NewA new option in the Machine setting. You can now set that the sheet name should be suggested as filename. If the sheet name is not valid as a file name, you will be prompted to enter a filename.CAM
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentationLISP
FixedFixed some problem when converting date from Chinese Windows language. This caused a LISP error while in postprocessingCAMLISP
2021-12-29R2021.4.2622Nightly build
ChangedA lot of small changes in Measure points and Refpoints commands in 3D-5X for Revision 23D5X
FixedAdded manual input in 3D-simulator. You can set X, Y, Z, A, B, C and D manually.CAM
2021-12-17R2021.4.2617Nightly build
NewAdded Transparent parts. Parts can now be displayed transparent. Shift+Z or in preferences.CAD
NewYou can now paint quality on all parts on the drawing without restarting the Quality command. CAMTIME SAVER
NewNew table SheetParts. You can now make nested tables using the Sheets table and the SheetParts table. Each part in the SheetParts table is connected to one sheet in the Sheets table.REPORT
ChangedTube cutting FIXED now cuts using the fixed vector and not to the center axis 3D5X
FixedImages in PDF files are now supported.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedFixed bug with AREA units when in INCH mode. Some Area values where in SquareInch and some in SquareFoot. Now all AREA values are in SquareFoot.REPORT
FixedFixed bug with missing arc when using IGEMS2CAM
2021-12-01R2021.4.2600Nightly build
FixedFixed bug when cutting with engagement TO TABLE and moving the model in Z.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug when calculating feeds when the material database had different settings for abrasive flow and pressure for different thicknesses. Now the selected thickness controls the abrasive flow and pressure.CAM
FixedFixed bug with feeds when engagement changes on one segment.CAM3D5X
FixedNew postprocessor variables in Revision 2 $path5x in in the piercing function. This is T if a 5-axis kinematic is required on actual kinematic. $singularity is T if the kinematic has singularity in straight position.CAMLISP
2021-11-26R2021.4.2597Nightly build
FixedFixed bug with IGEMS crashing when creating a part from 3D-5X. This happened when the IGEMS 2D-drawing contained solid hatch entities. This bug is present in 2021.1, 2021.2 and 2021.33D5X
FixedRemoved debug graphics that was plotted by mistake when posting 2D parts.CAM
2021-11-24R2021.4.2596Nightly build
NewNew function TIMESPANTOSEC Converts a timespan object that you sometimes get from the report scripting functions to seconds.LISP
ChangedThe function TIMESPAN can now also take seconds and convert to a timespan object.LISP
FixedFixed bug with Tilt angle not displaying correctly for Fixed cuts in 3D-5X toolpath dialog.3D5X
FixedFixed bug with the new Kerf calculations3D5X
FixedFixed bug with 3D-5X rapids when using zero distance.3D5X
2021-11-12R2021.4.2592Nightly build
NewAdded Display Accuracy Normal, High and Extra high. This controls the rendering accuracy of curved objects in 3D-5X. For example small holes in a large model may look vectorized and by changing the Display Accuracy this can be improved.3D5X
NewImport of files can now be automatic without picking positions for each file. CADDATAEXCHANGE
NewNew method to edit rapids. No-Z method.3D5X
NewAdded OtherCost 1-3 to cost estimate.CAM
NewAdded a new table SheetReportSummary. This table sums quantity, area and weight for each material. Generated when creating Sheet Inventory reports for all materials.REPORT
ChangedHandling cost and other costs are now distributed to the parts cost.CAM
FixedEnd rapids now works with Ortho.CAM
FixedFixed bug with Fixed cutting and copied toolpaths.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed Out of Index error on some 3D-5X cuts.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with Near and Far clip planes when pressing F5 to hide the model.3D5X
2021-10-27R2021.4.2587Nightly build
ChangedDistance command now uses dimension settings colors.CAD
FixedFixed bug when using cutting type fixed. The tool vector could change a little even when using fixed.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with missing seams in holes3D5X
2021-10-26R2021.4.2585Nightly build
NewThe HEADER function in the postprocessor now have two new variables. $inittools This is an integer that for the first tool that will be used. The integer have the same meaning at $tools. $inittooldist This is a real value for the first used distance between jets. This has the same meaning as $tooldistCAM
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentation
ChangedNew algorithm for Kerf calculations.CAM3D5X
2021-10-22R2021.4.2584Nightly build
NewAdded Down-to-up and Up-to-down sorting in cutorder.CAM
NewAdded a Cost/kg to sheets. This cost will override the material cost/kg if enabled when calculating the sheet value.CAM
FixedMarking now works with Vectorize arcs.CAM
FixedFixed a bug that could happen on marking where the total length of the marking was shorter than "Shortest line" setting.
FixedStop position in 3D-5X was at wrong position, it also generated some not needed movements.CAM3D5X
2021-10-05R2021.4.2580Nightly build
FixedFix in Measuring in advance functionality in IGEMS Revision 2LISP
2021-10-04R2021.3.2579Nightly build
NewNew command ExtractSolid. This command will clip solids against closed objects and extract the geometry.CAMTOOLS
NewNew AutoNest version 8.0 dbd1de3adbecNESTMATERIAL SAVER
FixedMarking problem that causes IGEMS to crach is now fixed. This problem started in previous version.CAM
FixedCan now detect connection lines in cylindrical holes without edges in the model.3D5X
FixedFixed bug with crash when using Auto in toolpath dialog. The reason was zero connection lines, these are now filtered out.3D5X
2021-10-04R2021.4.2579Nightly build
2021-09-27R2021.3.2577Nightly build
NewCutorder select part by picking in drawingCAM
NewAdded Update quantity in drawing when registering parts.ORGANIZER
NewImport sheets from R7-R9 now also imports Storage.CAM
Changed5-axis Marking in 3D-5X now rotates the kinematic before moving down to the marking height.CAM
ChangedNew method for vector interpolation on arcs.CAM3D5X
FixedBarcode data drop down now works again. Stopped working or was very slow after adding translation support.REPORT
2021-09-09R2021.3.2570Nightly build
NewAdded Stop at collision in 3D-simulatorCAM
NewPump usage calculation in Cutting parameters dialog can be controlled with a Pressure/Flow table for more accurate results.CAM
2021-09-03R2021.3.2568Nightly build
NewAdded Trim command3D5X
NewRef point (Used for 5-axis probing)has now 2 options: Displacement: Probe direction and Tool direction.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with small radius in corners. The calculation of sharp corners was not performed on very short arcs less than 0.1mm. This has now been fixed.CAM
FixedFixed bug with using Kerf compensation in the controller with certain types of leadins.CAM
FixedFixed bug with toolpath cut vector interpolation.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed hatch bug when opening DXF. Found a drawing with a hatch style we did not support before.DATAEXCHANGE