We've developed a new type of CNC for waterjets together with Beckhoff. It's packed with features and accessories never seen before on the waterjet market. Together with our CAD/CAM and Tilter, it's by far the most capable solution.

Key features

  • Developed solely for waterjets.
  • Touch screen interface.
  • Camera with 1:1 image.
  • Smart app with timers and notifications.
  • Load a 5 MB NC-file within one second.
  • Advanced height sensoring.
  • Start anywhere on the toolpath.
  • Calibration accessories for easy calibration of Tilter.


Advantages with IGEMS CNC

Compensation tables

Create compensation tables for individual tools such as Tilter to compensate for mechanical deviations.

Rounder & Straighter

Two devices for straightening the nozzle and compensate mechanical deviations for all5 axis kinematics.

Activate/deactivate water and abrasive while machine is moving

The XY movement is not interrupted by switching water on/off. This can give you nice leads.

No stop between G93/G94

The machine does not need to pause and recalculate when switching from feeds in mm/min to inverse time. This eliminates washout of the jet in complex geometry.

Angle interpolation

Bevel arcs does not need to be split into many short line segments. The result is a smoother cut surface and a much shorter NC-file.

Dynamic forbidden zone

A safety net for prohibiting dangerous placements of bevel parts. It tells you if a part is placed too close to the edge of the tank or if your bevel kinematic might crash.

Advanced sensoring

Can automatically change the type of height sensoring based on the type of cut.

Support for 64 motors and 10.000 iOS

Expandable and versatile system.

Fast job loading

Load a 5 MB NC-file in one second.

Job Center

Gives the operator information about Material, Thickness, Cutting time, Duetime already when chosing files to cut.

Find part in a file

If one part in your program turned out as scrap, you can easily isolate that part and recut it. Without having to generate a new program.

Start at any position

If your job is interrupted, you can choose to start anywhere on the toolpath. Just point where you want to start and press Start.

Smartphone and web app

Know if something is wrong on the machine or when a job is done with our smartphone and web app.

What's in the tank?

Get a report of what material and its quantity you have in your tank.

Progressive kerf

Automatic calculator for compensating the wear of your mixing tube and orifice.

Camera in HMI

Reference your job on a 1:1 scaled image instead of jogging the machine to a start position.

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