Next level kinematic compensation

The IGEMS Rounder measures, calculates and compensates for deviation in 5-axis waterjet cutting. And it only takes 15 minutes to calibrate the cutting head.

No one is perfect

Accuracy. Claimed by many, proven by few. The thing is, you need accurate calibration to make accurate cuts, and lots of them. There are mechanical errors to every 5x kinematic mechanism on the waterjet market. And if you don't account for them, it's going to affect the cutting result. We made this device that measures multiple positions on your bevel kinematic to account for any mechanical deviation. It's easy to use and takes about 15 minutes to calibrate.

45° circular hole before calibration
45° circular hole after calibration

Technical details


Anodized 6082 aluminum

Calibration tool

30mm steel ball




+- 1% of stroke.

Power supply

Micro USB 5V DC

Sensor stroke



Tilter with AWJ setup.

Installation guide

Produced and assembled in Sweden

Every Tilter is produced by a fantastic mechanical engrineer named Sven, just 10min from our office in Sweden. When the components arrive to our workshop, Joel assembles them into the very best 5x mechanical mechanism for waterjet cutting.