CAD/CAM for waterjet cutting

World famous for its features, IGEMS CAD/CAM is used for every application in the waterjet industry. From market leading nesting to automatic and adaptable CAM features ranging from 1 axis cutting to 6 axis bevel cutting on a rotation axis.

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Key features

Tile Maker

Amazing stone cutting tools.



Cut everything from simple
parts to advanced tubes.

CAM Tools

Easy fixes to
bad geometry.

Auto nest

Best nesting on the market.

Optimized cutting formula

Saves time
and abrasive.

All-in-one software

CAD, CAM and nest.


Fully automatic or
completley customizable.


Imports scaled images
to your CAD drawings.

More features


Customized and detaild reports on jobs, nests, etc..

Material database

An extensive material database with optimized feed rates and compensation tables.

2D & 3D simulation

Simulate your jobs in 2D or 3D with crash control and NC code preview.

Part & sheet database

Store your parts and sheets on a database to have convenient access to them in the future. All stored parts and sheets can easily be accessed from the Auto nest.

TVL formula

Our TVL (Taper angle control, Variable offset control & Lag control) formula calculates many different compensation factors and gives you the best cutting result with straight edges.

System requirements

Operating system

Windows 10 & 11 64 bit.


.NET 4.8.

Graphic card

OpenGL 2.0 capable graphics card.

General limitations

Does not support virtual environments.

RAM memory



Wheel mouse.


Frequently asked questions

Which waterjet machine is the cheapest?

The question you should ask yourself should not be which waterjet cutting machine is the cheapest, but rather which waterjet machine can give you the most. Software is usually a big problem solver on any machine, and IGMES is passionate about problem solving.

Which nesting software is the best?

IGEMS nesting is something we have been proud of for a very long time. We are the definie market leader in nesting sheet material and can be used for waterjet cutting machines, fiber lasers and other sheet cutting machines. When you get more out of a sheet, the costs dramatially reduced per part.

Can you get straight cuts with a waterjet cutting machine?

The waterjet is not like other machines. We're handling a live tool which needs compensation in every possible situation. Therefore we've come up with an impressive TVL formula which tilts, offsets and lags the jet for excellent cutting results.

What is the best waterjet cutter?

Most waterjet cutters will do a good job of cutting with 3 axes. But when you cut bevel parts, you need to be more exact. You also need a CAD/CAM software that will support your application. Like IGEMS CAD/CAM.

Can waterjet cut 3D?

A waterjet can cut 3D parts! What limits the cutting is the CAD/CAM software and the limits of waterjet cutting itself.