Frequently asked questions

How do I load the trial code?
A temporary code unlocks all functionality in IGEMS for a specified period of time. When you apply for a temporary code, you need to send the unique Trial code to us at IGEMS or your reseller. You can find the Trial code by clicking at 1, 2, 3 & 4 (see picture below).

You will find the Trial code in the top field demonstrated below.

Once you have entered the Temporary code you have received from us or your reseller in the bottom field, all you have to do is restart the program and all functions will be activated as long as the temporary code is valid.

To where do I copy my postprocessors?
The postprocessor and the machine control the functionality, layout and format of the NC-file used by the machine. If you have received those files from us at IGEMS or from your reseller you must copy them to your system. To make this easy, click on 1, 2 & 3 (see picture below).

Copy the postprocessor file (.PPI) to the folder “Postprocesssor”.

Copy the machine file (.XML) to the folder “Machines”.

How do I make a support file?
To make it easier to report bugs or to get answers on support questions, IGEMS has a function collecting all information we need to be able to recreate your question or problem. To make the support easier for us, please indicate (if possible) on the drawing with a Circle the position of the problem. To create a support file, click on 1, 2 & 3 (see picture below).

All necessary files are now saved into a IFS file (IGEMS Support File). Send this ISF file by mail to your reseller or IGEMS to get the quickest help possible.