Roadmap for IGEMS 2016.2

System upgrade

New technology demands improved software. Because of what’s going on in the hardware market and the direction of where we want to take IGEMS, we need to make some changes to be able to improve the functionality of IGEMS in the future. All these changes will be done in beginning of 2016.2.

  • 64bit OS

    We will only support 64 bits operation system in the future. If you are using an operating system older then Windows 7, you probably need to change your computer or upgrade your Windows.

  • Dot.Net 4.5 or later

    The new Dot.Net platform can be downloaded free of charge from Windows update. Dot.Net 4.5 was released in September 2012. All newer computers probably already have this version installed.

  • Hardware graphic acceleration

    The new graphics needs OpenGL 2.0. This has been written in our system requirements for a long time but the software has also been working with an older version. If you have an old computer, you probably have to update your graphic card driver.

  • New version of 3D-5X

    The new functionality for generating 5-axis toolpaths on .Step and .Iges files has been very popular among our users. We are planning on a big update of this feature later this year.

    Here’s what’s new:

    • Better accuracy on large models. The higher accuracy will reduce the C-axis rotation on some 5-axis kinematic cutting solutions.

    • Improved user interface. It will work more like any other part if IGEMS, like using the “Space” or “Enter” button to repeat a command. Short keys will be available as well as “Undo” and “Redo”.

    • Sketch planes, object snap and more CAD commands will be available.

    • Improved 5-axis toolpath generation, which are optimized to improve the cutting result.

    • New cutting model

      If you want to optimize the cutting result in 2D cutting, you have to modify the cutting speed depending on the geometry profile (slow down in corners and speed up on long straight cuts). In 5X cutting you have more possibilities since you can tilt the jet in different directions. The new cutting model will improve the cutting speeds and at the same time cut with a better quality by dynamically changing the tool radius compensation and tilting the nozzle in in A and B directions.

      Image from Dr. Axel Hennings’ papers from 1997
      “Computer aided manufacturing for three-dimensional abrasive waterjet machining”.

      Other improvements

      • Improved dimension command for easier use.

      • Line type will have dynamic scale so it always looks correct no matter if you’re zooming or printing.

      • New wiki based help system.

      • Checkbox if a part can be mirrored in create part.

      • Better support for two different kerfs when using 2D and 5X-cutting on the same job.