These are the available modules for our CAD/CAM licenses.


Includes great 2D CAD features where you can import .DWG and .DXF file types among others. It handles layers and all the functions you need in a 2D CAD.

CAM Tools

Several functions for optimizing the contour. It will reduce the number of objects in a contour without destroying the measurements and can be used to remove overlapped geometry and heal geometries with gaps and other defects.

3 Axis CAM

Handles the CAM settings for machines up to 6 axes. Use our pre-defined automatic settings, or customize you leads and cutting quality to suit your own needs.


Accounts for parameters like material thickness, material quality, pressure, abrasive flow etc to optimize the cutting speed. Essential for cutting with abrasive waterjet machines.

Nest Level 1

Includes several semi automatic nest strategies, including circle nest, rectangle nest & single nest.

Nest Level 2

Automatically nests many different parts at the same time on a predefined area of any shape. Nest 2 cannot be bought without Nest 1.

Data Exchange

Import .wmf, .ps, .eps, .gen, .geo, .igs, .mec, .ord & .tag files. You can also import your NC code back into igems with the special command NC reader.

Sign Maker

Import images onto you drawing and automatically use it to generate CAD vectors, or use as a background for manual generation of vectors. You can also use true type fonts and convert them to smooth geometry.

Tile Maker

A module specially designed for the stone industry. It includes a special nesting utility for tile making and commands for making inlays.

Rotation Axis

The tube can be mounted on a C-axis engine, or in a fixture. It can be defined into whatever shape you want and contain holes, cutoffs and special holes like logotypes. It’s opened in a 3D viewer so you easily can see what’s going on when you’re designing.

Camera Software

When installing the camera you are asked to calibrate the image. This calibration will scale and warp the image to the exact same size as your machine table. By doing this, you can put your material on the machine knowing where your material is, and how it looks.


The Orgainzer module is a simple but effective SQL database to store parts and other documents related to the part. Imported geometry to IGEMS can be registered into Organizer after material, thickness, quantity and other parameters applied to the part. Filtering of specific information can be done by setting up filters for quick and easy access of parts.

Floating License

Floating license is a network license of IGEMS and can be installed in any LAN network. With this option, you can install as many clients as you want and administrate the access with the Floating license module.

5 Axis CAM

A 3D environment where you can import .STEP and .IGES files and add toolpaths to them. It’s not possible to create any 3D shape within the 3D-5X, but you can make your own fixtures and cut almost any model.