3D5X V2



We’ve added many new features to the latest release of 3D5X. Some totally new, and some improvements of older functions.

CAD commands

The CAD commands are great for manipulating the 3D model. We now have the following CAD commands: Line, Arc, Circle, Rectangle, Spline, Extend, Project & Zero fillet. But you also have the possibility to use Delete, Move, Rotate, Copy, Scale, Polar array & Measure.


In order to properly use the CAD commands above, we created a sketch plane function into 3D5X. It allows you to freely create sketch planes to use for your CAD vectors.

Simulation and collision detection.

We created a command that will give you a fast simulation and detect if there are any collisions.


This feature will create a fixture and automatically calculate it from the model. The fixture is built up by levels of sheets, which will be exported to the IGEMS drawing area.


You can create a plane on your model and export a section of the model from that plane into 2D vectors.


Divide the model into a desired number of slices and puzzle these slices together.