A modern approach to waterjet cutting.


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Fast and accurate

Getting the right angles while maximising your feed rate is not as easy as it sounds. Not at all actually.

A water jet is a living thing that bends and grows and changes behaviour when you give it different parameters to work with. Our strength is to interpret the relationship between the jet and different parameters and turning them into powerful easy to use functions. So that you can create beautiful parts without breaking a sweat.

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More parts, less time

It speaks for itself, but getting more parts from a sheet while cutting it faster will make you more profitable.

In the image you’ll see a nest for two cutting heads, where the right side is a mirror of the left. That means your machine only have to make movements for half of the parts, but cut all of them. The tiny red lines between some of the parts are common cuts, which makes only one cut between parts to save time and resources.


Unparalleled 3D manufacturing

This is so good even our competitors are selling it. You can program directly on your 3D model, visualise every toolpath, simulate with crash control and nest multiple 3D parts. It’s a complete 3D environment with automatic and detailed CAM features.



2D Subscription

All modules except 5 Axis CAM.
1.200€ or 1.400$ / year

3D Subscription

All modules.
3000€ or 3.400$ / year

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USB license

Pick any of the modules above to customise your own seat of IGEMS CAD/CAM.

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System requirements

  • Software

  • Windows 8 & 10.
  • OpenGL 2.0 capable graphics card.
  • .NET 4.5.
  • NOT the 64-bit Itanium processor from Intel.
  • Hardware

  • 8GB RAM memory.
  • Wheel mouse.
  • 64 bit.
  • Does not support virtual environments.