Here’s how it works

Subscription licenses are a great way of keeping track of your licenses and keeping them up to date. They are rented on a yearly basis and will stay active as long as you pay the yearly fee. Since you are renting them, you can easily change the number of your seats each year, depending on the size of your team. And the best part is, you will always have access to the latest version.

Why should you use the subscription license?

Activate your subscription license here:

Subscription license

Everything is included

The subscription license comes in two versions, one is for three axis and simple bevel machines. The other is for full five axis machines and machines with more than five axes.

Standard 1200€ or $1400 / year

  • ✓ CAD
  • ✓ CAM Tools
  • ✓ 3 Axis CAM
  • ✓ AWJ
  • ✓ Nest Level 1
  • ✓ Nest Level 2
  • ✓ Data Exchange
  • ✓ Sign Maker
  • ✓ Tile Maker
  • ✓ Rotation Axis
  • ✓ Camera Software
  • ✓ Organizer
  • ✓ Floating License

Advanced 3000€ or $3400 / year

  • ✓ Everything in Standard
  • ✓ 6 Axis CAM for .STEP and .IGES 3D models