Subscription vs. USB license

Is subscription software more profitable in the long run?

Subscriptions are slowly picking up speed in the manufacturing industry, and for good reason. The way manufacturing floors work today is very different from when IGEMS started with waterjet cutting software in 1986.

The modern manufacturing floor require scalable, flexible, cost effective software tools which are focused on innovation and value rather than a software that “works” and is outdated.

The older USB license solution is something most industries are phasing out because they are seldom updated and becomes an issue when they stop working and risking whole productions to stop. But even worse, an old software isn’t optimised like newer ones loosing you money by the minute.

They are also not as flexible as subscription licenses since you have to pay for the whole software up front. The subscription gives you the flexibility to add or remove licenses each year and to only pay for the ones you need that year.

A subscription is priced on a yearly basis and is an ongoing subscription. A USB license is payed up front in one big lump sum and will be yours forever. If you choose, you can pay a yearly maintenance fee to keep it up to date and supported.


  • Upfront cost from 1.200€ to 2.400€ per year and license.
  • All functions for 2D or 3D CAD/CAM.
  • Unlimited updates when the license is active.
  • Activated over internet or file.
  • Floating license over internet on our servers.
  • Support and bug fixes.

USB license

  • One time fee from 500€ to 20.410€ per license.
  • Select between 14 modules and only pay for the functionality you want to use.
  • Yearly cost to update (16% of license value per year).
  • Activated with USB dongle and file (lost USB dongle means lost license).
  • Optional floating license on your server.
  • Updates are not possible for licenses older than 5 years.

It’s important to note that a subscription software includes all of the maintenance, upgrades, and technical support in the subscription price. There are no hidden fees.