Subscription guide for resellers

This is a guide to better understand the functions of our subscription license system. We will follow our fictive reseller called Station and its employee Sven to walk you through the process of using the online platform.


Follow these steps to add a company and place an order:

Once IGEMS has processed the order, the license is activated. The first order will always be payed by the reseller by invoice. After one year, the customer can update and upgrade the license by credit card at The customer will be notified to update from IGEMS CAD/CAM starting 30 days prior the expiration date.


You’ll se two columns of boxes. One narrow to the left and one wider to the right. The left column will display the information of you or your selected customer from the “Customers” list. The right column will display general information related to all your customers and their licenses.

1. The email

Sven received an email titled “IGEMS: You have been added as an IGEMS user” from us. He received it because we’ve set up a profile for him and his company Station. To activate the profile he needs to click on the link in the email.

2. Customer list

Once Sven has activated the profile and logged in to the site he can start placing orders. Firstly he needs to add a customer in the “Customers” box. This box is where all his customers will be displayed. If he wants to show more information about the customer he can click on the customer and the left column will show full details about this particular customer.

3. Add customer

To add a customer he needs to click on the “+” in the “Customers” box. This will show a popup where he can fill in the customers details. If the customer is within EU he also needs to fill in the VAT number. When he’s done filling in the information and clicked “Add”. The customer will receive an email with login details.

4. Select customer

The first customer for Sven is a Japanese cutting company called Est. When he clicks on Est in the customer list, the left column changes and displays the details for Est.

VAT number guide

EU Country VAT number format Example Notes
Austria One letter and eight digits AT U12345678 The first character is always ‘U’
Belgium Nine digits BE 123456789
Cyprus Eight digits and one letter CY 12345678X Last character is always a letter
Czech Republic Eight, nine or ten digits CZ 12345678, CZ 123456789 or CZ 1234567890 Where 11, 12 or 13 digit numbers are quoted, delete the first three digits
Denmark Eight digits DK 12345678
Estonia Nine digits EE 123456789
Finland Eight digits FI 12345678
France Eleven, ten digits and one letter or nine digits and two letters FR 12345678901, FR X2345678901, FR 1X345678901 or FR XX345678901 May include 1 or 2 letters. Either FIRST, SECOND or FIRST and SECOND. All letters except O and I are valid.
Germany Nine digits DE 123456789 Must be the 9 digit ‘Umsatzsteur identifikationnummer’ (Ust ID Nr.)
Greece Nine digits EL 012345678 Prefix any 8 digit number with zero
Hungary Eight digits HU 12345678
Ireland Seven digits and one letter or six digits and two letters IE 1234567X or IE 1X34567X Includes 1 or 2 letters. Either LAST or SECOND and LAST
Italy Eleven digits IT 12345678901
Latvia Eleven digits LV 12345678901
Lithuania Nine digits or twelve digits LT 123456789 or LT 123456789012
Luxembourg Eight digits LU 12345678
Malta Eight digits MT 12345678
Netherlands Eleven digits and one letter NL 123456789B01 Tenth character is always ‘B’. The 3 digit suffix is always B01 to B99.
Poland Ten digits PL 1234567890
Portugal Nine digits PT 123456789
Slovakia Ten digits SK 1234567890
Slovenia Eight digits SI 12345678
Spain Eight digits and one letter or Seven digits and two letters ES X12345678, 12345678X or X1234567X Includes 1 or 2 letters. Either FIRST, LAST or FIRST and LAST.
Sweden Twelve digits SE 123456789001 The last 2 characters must be ’01’.
UK Nine digits or twelve digits GB 123456789 or GB 123456789001 Twelve digits if the number represents a
sub-company within a group

5 & 6. Order license

To place an order for Est, he needs to click on Est in the “Customers” list and then on “Order license” in the “License” box. By clicking on “Order license”, a popup box will appear.

In this box he can choose which USB dongle he want to use for Est (We have not added any dongles to his stock. If we did, he would be able to pick any of those dongles in the list).

He can select a starting date for the new license. A good idea might be to match the start date with the final installation date of the machine.

Lastly he must select which modules Est needs and click “Add to Shopping Cart”. Each license can have multiple modules and can be used as a network license with our Floating license software.

7, 8 & 9. Shopping cart

To place the order he must open the shopping cart located above the “Customers list”. In the first step he can review the order and add a discount code. In the next step he can input an order id and/or a goodsmark. But this information is not required for placing the order. Lastly to complete the order for Est he must click on the green “Complete transaction” button.

When this is done, we will receive a notification and can process the order. When it’s processed, Est can start to use IGEMS by inserting the USB dongle into the computer.


Every order will give Sven a kickback. This kickback is based on a percentage of the order for each license. Anytime he’s got a kickback to claim, he can click on “Bill IGEMS..” in the “Earnings” box. This will create and send an invoice to us with the amount of his kickback.


When Sven has sold some licenses and it’s time for renewal, things will start popping up in the “Worklist” box. This is a box that will show him expired licenses and licenses with less than 30 days to expiration.

Order history

The “Order history” box will show all the orders for Station regardless the customer. Sven can also download a detailed pdf for each order.

Earnings history

This will display a list of all the earnings invoices Sven has sent to us. He can download a detail pdf for each invoice.