Machine setup

Preparing IGEMS for your machine

In order for us to create a postprocessor, we need som basic information about your machine.

  • 1. Axis names with positive direction.
  • 2. Manufacturer of controller and NC file.

Axis directions

Firstly, we need to know the positive axis direction of X and Y.
You can print the above image and write “X+” or “X-” on one of the lines and “Y+” or “Y-” on the other.

The next thing we need to know is the axis names and directions of your 5X head if you have one.
You can print the above image and write “C” for example on one of the dotted lines and “A” on the other. Then specify if the rotation is + or – on the axis on the right head.

Controller & NC file

In order for us to create the right code for your machine, we need to know what controller you are using. We also need a NC file with the code for your controller. This is the file you send from your existing CAM software to the controller. If you don’t have an existing CAM software, please tell us.

If you want to use specific tools on your waterjet, we need to know the M-codes to activate these tools. So please include a list with M-codes for your machine.