CAD/CAM Changelog

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FixedFixed bug with UNDO and INCH on empty drawing.CAD
FixedIGEMS Revision 2 only Fixed problem with wrong Z-value on Refpoint probing3D5X
NewSupport for up to 12 cutting toolsCAM
FixedExport now suggests drawing name as file name.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedIGEMS Revision 2 only New Variable *HeadDefIniFile* holds the name of the 5-axis kinematic ini file.LISP
FixedNew ILISP function (INIFILE-READ <FileName> <Section> <Variable>) returns the value from the INI file.LISP
FixedFixed bug with reading DXF/DWG files with 3D-solids and cylindrical holes.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedMade a fix for Measuring points in 3D-5XCAM3D5X
FixedFixed a problem with counting up filename number when postprocessing. This problem started in previous version when we add the possibiliy to suggest the sheet name as file name.CAMLISP
FixedSmall changes in the postprocessor TILT function. The variable $ab is now T instead of nil. This is more correct since there is a motion in $a or $b or $c.CAMLISP
FixedSome minor fixes on the simulation for 3D-5X marking3D5X
NewNew ILISP function (FILE-VALIDFILENAME <name>)check if the string <name> is valid as a filename. The function returns the filename if its OK else nil.LISP
NewA new option in the Machine setting. You can now set that the sheet name should be suggested as filename. If the sheet name is not valid as a file name, you will be prompted to enter a filename.CAM
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentationLISP
FixedFixed some problem when converting date from Chinese Windows language. This caused a LISP error while in postprocessingCAMLISP
ChangedA lot of small changes in Measure points and Refpoints commands in 3D-5X for Revision 23D5X
FixedAdded manual input in 3D-simulator. You can set X, Y, Z, A, B, C and D manually.CAM
NewAdded Transparent parts. Parts can now be displayed transparent. Shift+Z or in preferences.CAD
NewYou can now paint quality on all parts on the drawing without restarting the Quality command.CAM
NewNew table SheetParts. You can now make nested tables using the Sheets table and the SheetParts table. Each part in the SheetParts table is connected to one sheet in the Sheets table.REPORT
ChangedTube cutting FIXED now cuts using the fixed vector and not to the center axis3D5X
FixedImages in PDF files are now supported.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedFixed bug with AREA units when in INCH mode. Some Area values where in SquareInch and some in SquareFoot. Now all AREA values are in SquareFoot.REPORT
FixedFixed bug with missing arc when using IGEMS2CAM
FixedFixed bug when cutting with engagement TO TABLE and moving the model in Z.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug when calculating feeds when the material database had different settings for abrasive flow and pressure for different thicknesses. Now the selected thickness controls the abrasive flow and pressure.CAM
FixedFixed bug with feeds when engagement changes on one segment.CAM3D5X
FixedNew postprocessor variables in Revision 2 $path5x in in the piercing function. This is T if a 5-axis kinematic is required on actual kinematic. $singularity is T if the kinematic has singularity in straight position.CAMLISP
FixedFixed bug with IGEMS crashing when creating a part from 3D-5X. This happened when the IGEMS 2D-drawing contained solid hatch entities. This bug is present in 2021.1, 2021.2 and 2021.33D5X
FixedRemoved debug graphics that was plotted by mistake when posting 2D parts.CAM
NewNew function TIMESPANTOSEC Converts a timespan object that you sometimes get from the report scripting functions to seconds.LISP
ChangedThe function TIMESPAN can now also take seconds and convert to a timespan object.LISP
FixedFixed bug with Tilt angle not displaying correctly for Fixed cuts in 3D-5X toolpath dialog.3D5X
FixedFixed bug with the new Kerf calculations3D5X
FixedFixed bug with 3D-5X rapids when using zero distance.3D5X
NewAdded Display Accuracy Normal, High and Extra high. This controls the rendering accuracy of curved objects in 3D-5X. For example small holes in a large model may look vectorized and by changing the Display Accuracy this can be improved.3D5X
NewImport of files can now be automatic without picking positions for each file.CADDATAEXCHANGE
NewNew method to edit rapids. No-Z method.3D5X
NewAdded OtherCost 1-3 to cost estimate.CAM
NewAdded a new table SheetReportSummary. This table sums quantity, area and weight for each material. Generated when creating Sheet Inventory reports for all materials.REPORT
ChangedHandling cost and other costs are now distributed to the parts cost.CAM
FixedEnd rapids now works with Ortho.CAM
FixedFixed bug with Fixed cutting and copied toolpaths.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed Out of Index error on some 3D-5X cuts.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with Near and Far clip planes when pressing F5 to hide the model.3D5X
ChangedDistance command now uses dimension settings colors.CAD
FixedFixed bug when using cutting type fixed. The tool vector could change a little even when using fixed.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with missing seams in holes3D5X
NewThe HEADER function in the postprocessor now have two new variables. $inittools This is an integer that for the first tool that will be used. The integer have the same meaning at $tools. $inittooldist This is a real value for the first used distance between jets. This has the same meaning as $tooldistCAM
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentation
ChangedNew algorithm for Kerf calculations.CAM3D5X
NewAdded Down-to-up and Up-to-down sorting in cutorder.CAM
NewAdded a Cost/kg to sheets. This cost will override the material cost/kg if enabled when calculating the sheet value.CAM
FixedMarking now works with Vectorize arcs.CAM
FixedFixed a bug that could happen on marking where the total length of the marking was shorter than "Shortest line" setting.
FixedStop position in 3D-5X was at wrong position, it also generated some not needed movements.CAM3D5X
FixedFix in Measuring in advance functionality in IGEMS Revision 2LISP
NewNew command ExtractSolid. This command will clip solids against closed objects and extract the geometry.CAMTOOLS
NewNew AutoNest version 8.0 dbd1de3adbecNEST
FixedMarking problem that causes IGEMS to crach is now fixed. This problem started in previous version.CAM
FixedCan now detect connection lines in cylindrical holes without edges in the model.3D5X
FixedFixed bug with crash when using Auto in toolpath dialog. The reason was zero connection lines, these are now filtered out.3D5X
NewCutorder select part by picking in drawingCAM
NewAdded Update quantity in drawing when registering parts.ORGANIZER
NewImport sheets from R7-R9 now also imports Storage.CAM
Changed5-axis Marking in 3D-5X now rotates the kinematic before moving down to the marking height.CAM
ChangedNew method for vector interpolation on arcs.CAM3D5X
FixedBarcode data drop down now works again. Stopped working or was very slow after adding translation support.REPORT
NewAdded Stop at collision in 3D-simulatorCAM
NewPump usage calculation in Cutting parameters dialog can be controlled with a Pressure/Flow table for more accurate results.CAM
NewAdded Trim command3D5X
NewRef point (Used for 5-axis probing)has now 2 options: Displacement: Probe direction and Tool direction.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with small radius in corners. The calculation of sharp corners was not performed on very short arcs less than 0.1mm. This has now been fixed.CAM
FixedFixed bug with using Kerf compensation in the controller with certain types of leadins.CAM
FixedFixed bug with toolpath cut vector interpolation.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed hatch bug when opening DXF. Found a drawing with a hatch style we did not support before.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedIn some cases Rapid movements between 3D-5X parts could move to a strange (extra) position before going to next part.CAM3D5X
FixedOld bevel parts did not calculate correct speeds when using SpeedByThickness.CAM
FixedFixed serious bug,that was made in 2558. DO NOT USE 2558CAM
NewUpdated to EyeShot version 2021.2.4163D5X
NewAdded a Find part command that lets the user find parts on the drawing.CAM
NewNew LISP function (CAM-AWJPAR <quality> <line>)can read values from the AWJ database.LISP
NewThe cutting speed in Pure water cutting can now be handled by the quality setting. X-Rough=speed*1.5, Rough=speed*1.25, Medium = speed as normal, Fine= Speed*0.75, X-Fine=speed*0.5. The speed levels can be adjusted in the postprocessors.CAM
FixedQuality from 3D-5X now works with pure water machines.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with leadout speed when cutting 3D-5X parts using pure water and slow down in corners.CAM3D5X
FixedGrid is now resized automatically.3D5X
FixedUser defined hatches are now imported correctly from DWG and DXF.DATAEXCHANGE
NewAdded support for pure water slow down in corners for 3D-5X parts.CAM3D5X
NewAdded translation to reports. All standard reports are now translated. A new table Translation added to the tags. Right-click on a text to translate if possible.REPORT
FixedChanged that it is an identical handling of Z-cordinates for 2D parts and flat 3D-5X parts when using CNC-Controlled height control with base at bottom of material.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with degraded performance in the AutoNest. This bug was introduced in 2020.3. So, 2020.3, 2020.4 and 2021.1 have this bug.NEST
FixedFixed bug introduced in 2021.2.2534 with the new inner corner speed method. The speed was too low in all inner corners below 45deg.CAM
NewNew Lisp function STRS add strings together and returns the results with double quotes before and after. Following will generate the same result. (STRCAT (CHR 34) "One " "Two " Three" (CHR 34)) The function just simplify the postprocessor to IGEMS cnc.LISP
NewNew lisp function FILE-FINDALLDIR (FILE-FINDALLDIR <path> <mask>) returns a list with all folders in specified path.LISP
NewNew option in LISP programmable dialog system. The keyword ITEMS can replace the content in GP-CHOICE and GP-LISTBOX objects.LISP
NewNew LISP function STRSORT. This function takes a list of strings as an argument and returns the list sorted.LISP
ChangedOther objects are now included in the collision geometry when nesting. So, if there are other objects that are outside the part they are included when nesting.NEST
Changed3D-5X now supports copies of six-axis toolpaths.3D5X
FixedFixed an error that comes up when using pure water cutting together with using a stamping height sensor.CAMLISP
NewNew type of loops in 3D-5X. You can now specify two new type of loops in 3D-5X. One with a single radius and one with a double-radius. You can also set a minimum radius for the single case.3D5X
FixedFixed bug with the new acceleration method. Segments after a small radius was not handled correctly.CAM
FixedFixed problem on machines using pumps that only could use 2 different pressures. Low and High. The problem could be if IGEMS was using three different pressures and the cutting pressure was not the highest. In that case the machine was not switch to High pressure for cutting.CAMLISP
ChangedOptimized cutting database The algorithms are the same as 2021.2.34 but we have removed inputs that are not longer relevant. This makes the input more easy to handle. From now we will use only one distance. This is used both for deceleration and acceleration. On acceleration out from inside corners we use two distances. The first with slow acceleration and the second with normal acceleration
ChangedUpdated ILISP dokumentationLISP
ChangedOptimized cutting database. We have optimized the way we accelerate on inside corners. The acceleration is now divided in two length. The first has a slow acceleration and the second a faster acceleration. This changes result in similar quality, but a shorer cutting time.CAM
FixedFixed bug in loops. Toolpath was not perpend when minimal loops was unchecked.3D5X
NewThree LISP functions to calculate speed and acceleration (ACCTIME <distance> <start speed> <end speed>) returns the time in minutes for a linear acceleration. (ACCCALC <distance> <start speed> <end speed>) returns the acceleration in mm/min2. (ACCENDSPEED <distance> <start speed> <acceleration>) The function returns the actual speed at the distance in a linear acceleration.LISP
ChangedMarking time per part is now calculated correctly and not averaged.REPORT
ChangedInvisible models are no longer used when calculating automatic connections between top and bottom curves. The model needs to be visible.3D5X
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentationLISP
FixedFixed issue with block/layer names when exporting DXFCADDATAEXCHANGE
FixedFixed bug in micro joints command. Type did not change after speedup was selected.CAM
FixedFixed bug with missing DLLs when using barcodesREPORT
NewNew postprocessor variable $sensoringtime can now be specified in Cutting Equipment in Machine Setting. This value should be set to the time it takes for the height sensor to set the correct height. This value must be set in the postprocessor. (SIM-DELAY $sensoringtime) By this feature we can make the cutting time more accurate.CAMLISP
NewAdded Sensor Time to Cost Estimate and reports. Note! This will only be used in Revision 2 of IGEMS.CAM
NewLoops. If tilt angle is set to 0 then loops are created even for straight cuts with 5*Tool diameter.3D5X
NewThe LISP function GETVAR has now two more Options (GETVAR "Version") will return actual version of IGEMS as a string. Example: "R2021.2.2523" (GETVAR "BuildTime") will return dateobject for actual version.LISP
NewAutomatic reports. In strategy/reports you can now select the report templates to use for automatic reports.CAMREPORT
NewOrganizer user variables are now available in the reports in the table Organizer.ORGANIZERREPORT
ChangedImporting a part to 3D-5x now also imports other objects, attached objects and part-text.3D5X
FixedFixed bug in Trim commandCAD
FixedSome Revision 2 changesCAM
ChangedRedesigned the FontTracer dialog. You can now specify alignment. Also added explode text when closing. SIGNMAKER
FixedFixed bug with machine template drawing exception.CAM
FixedFixed bug with kerf when using kerf=controllerCAM
FixedFixed that some invalid layer/block name characters was allowed when writing DXF files.CAD
FixedFixed problem with tilted Pre-piercing that sometimes could happen when mixing different parts,CAM
NewAdded Path to Array command. Entities can now be copied along a path using the Array command path option. CAD
ChangedLeadouts are now displayed in purple.CAM
ChangedAdded user defined Font and Color to PartText. Added possibility to turn on/off parttext in Part Properties.CAD
NewNew Lisp function (CAM-VOC <thickness> <speed>) returns the actual VOC correction for actual material. Mostly developed for LAB purposes VOC=Variable Offset Control (Speed related tool radius compensation)CAMLISP
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentationLISP
ChangedImproved Purge command.CAD
NewAdded possibility to select single loops on cuts.CAM
ChangedRedesigned the Lead form.CAM
ChangedText inside parts are no longer mirrored when the part is mirrored.CAM
ChangedAdded BoundingBoxBorder to COST table.REPORT
ChangedAdded No, No but ask,Yes but ask, Yes to Print report. Note, this setting will default to No so if you previously had Print report checked you have to go to Strategy and set this new value correctly.CAM
FixedFixed bug with kerf calculations. (bug introduced in earlier 2021.1 version)CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with speed calculations when using G41/G42.CAM
FixedFixed exception bug in Bridges.CAM
NewMore debug info for failed subscription activation.LICENSE
FixedAdded more debug info when subscription activation fails.LICENSE
FixedFixed bug with exception in AutoUpdate without internet connection.
NewAdded a Activate Messages check box in preferences. If this is unchecked no messages are downloaded from our on line database.
NewSupport for pattern hatchesCAD
FixedChecking for messages is now only performed once when IGEMS starts.
NewNow possible to use other objects in parts for dimensioning.CAM
NewNew ILISP function (TOOLSET <object> <tool> <distance>)This makes it possible to handle tool setups in applications.CAMLISP
NewF1 Help can now handle the index (Table of contents)in the beginning of the documentation.CAD
NewNew Eyeshot version 2021CAM3D5X
NewPDF support. We can now open PDF drawings.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedFillet zero between two lines could in some case give wrong result. This is now fixed.CAD
FixedFixed bug in AutoNest with common cutline nesting.NEST
FixedUpdated ILISP documentation
FixedFixed bug in 2D simulationCAM
NewCopy to clipboard now possible in Console. Mouse right click will copy the selected text to the clipboard.
NewAdded part name to QuickFilter.CAD
ChangedBoth the PPT and IPF postprocessors are now included in ISF files.
ChangedMade improvements in the TileCut. Now you also get a cutting plan for the actual tiles. You can also work like before by just using colored polylines.TILEMAKER
NewNew 2D example drawings in Samples/Drawings.CAD
NewThe function (FILE-OPENDIALOG <init> <filter> [multi]) now has an optional [multi] argument. If this argument is non nil the function returns a list with selected files.LISP
ChangedCostEstimate. Border can now also be used for part bound box method.CAM
FixedUpdated ILISP documentationLISP
FixedFixed rewind and angle problems in Revision 2LISP
NewA new key value "LENGTH" has been added to the LISP function (CAD-GET <object> <key>)LISP
FixedA bug fix caused by *HeadName* variable has different meaning in Revision 1 and 2 is now fixed.CAMLISP
Changedsplash.png can now be placed in the shared folder. So to get a splash screen you can place a splash.png either in the RES folder in the IGEMS installation or in the Shared folder. If a splash.png is in both folder the file in Shared is selected.
ChangedFixed a potential problem with USB FloatingLicense. The client IP number is now cached when IGEMS starts to avoid problem with different IPs and the floating license lock files.LICENSE
ChangedSome small changes and improvements in the Inlay command. Default textures/colors are now better. Also added a clear all button and resize of dialog.CAMTOOLS
FixedFixed bug in cutting time cost calculations when using pure water machines.CAM
FixedFixed a bug with 3D-5X toolpath with standoff. Certain cases could give wrong tilt.CAM3D5X
FixedSize of report files have been greatly reduced.REPORT
FixedFixed bug with Floating License in SubscriptionLICENSE
NewStart for the test of new IGEMS Revision 2CAMLISP
FixedFixed bug in QuickNest. Mirror of parts was not correct. The parts looks fine but when cutting them the toolpath was not correct.NEST
NewUpdated the NEST API. Fixes some bugs.NEST
NewUpdated report system to version 29REPORT
ChangedMaterial speeds are now colored red if they have been modified from the default value.CAM
FixedFixed bug with internal error in the nest engine.NEST
FixedFixed bug in kerf calculations when using Kerf=Calculated in IGEMS and Controller.CAM
FixedFixed that the variable $attrib is also visible in the piercing function when using pre-piercing.CAMLISP
NewAdded a sheet storage feature to AutoNest. In the sheet tab you can save/load custom sheets.NEST
ChangedFixed bug with feed calculations when a cut ended with a circular arc.CAM
FixedFixed bug with "Check for updates" when using USB license.LICENSE
FixedFixed bug with opening DWG/DXF files in imperial that contains multiple drawing sheets. IGEMS hangs.DATAEXCHANGE
FixedFixed bug when running in Trial mode that IGEMS just closes down when starting. If this happens please delete the file C:\Program Files (x86)\IGEMS_R2020\res\splash.png Or install the latest version.
NewAdded translation system. Now translation can be done from inside IGEMS instead of on a web page. Found under Preferences/Translation.
NewAdded Mirror to Quick NestNEST
NewAdded collar width to strip nest.NEST
FixedSome small bug fixes on create rectangular sheet Shift+nCAM
NewAdded machine table to collision detection in 3D simulation. CAM
NewAdded STRIP nesting option. It is now possible to nest on a strip of material instead of on a sheet. To use this method start the nest without any sheets. In the sheet tab check the "Strip nest" check box and specify the Height of the strip. This will create a sheet with the specified height and infinite length (maximum 1000 meter). NEST
NewNew check box on the Output Tab in Strategy. "Skip warning if file exists". If this is activated there will be no warning if you create a CNC file that already exists.CAM
NewAdded CostQuality and CostQualityStr to Cost table. This is set from the override quality in the cost estimate dialog.REPORT
NewAdded orthographic projection to 3D simulation.CAM
NewAdded Save view and Restore view in 3D-simulator popup menu.CAM
NewNew ILISP function CIRCLEPOINTS that generate optional number of points on a theoretical circle in space. This function are used to generate circular piercing when the circle normal is not vertical.LISP
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentationLISP
ChangedMax number of steps for acceleration and deceleration in material has been increased from 10 to 50.CAM
FixedFixed bug with leadplane on rotated 3D-5X parts. If you encounter this problem the part will have to be opened in 3D-5X and updated.CAM3D5X
FixedFixed bug with cutouts that was smaller than thickness in the Fixture command.3D5X
FixedFixed bug opening some old R9 ACD files.DATAEXCHANGE
NewNow possible to access the machine cutting parameters from inside the material dialog.CAM
NewUpdated 3D-5X file system to V3045CAM3D5X
NewAdded Attribute to toolpath dialog3D5X
NewThe override toolbar3d5x.lsp can now also be placed in the IGEMS Data folder instead of the IGEMS installation LSP folder.3D5X
ChangedAdded an option to Cutorder if the multi-sheet mode is used or not. Right click on the button to change this value.CAM
ChangedAdded a special pass to remove exactly overlapping objects. This speeds up cleanup of some drawings where there is a lot of overlaps.CAMTOOLS
ChangedEdit part is not possible to open if the part contains 3D-5X slave cuts. CAM3D5X
ChangedAdded SizeX and SizeY to PartProperties Info. CAM
FixedFixed bug with new common cut that placed parts outside non-rectangular sheets.NEST
FixedChanged values for Tooldiameter and Underlay was not saved correctly if you press Enter in the options dialog in the postprocessing. It now supports both click OK or press Enter.CAM
FixedIf editing a 3D-5X part in 3D-5X and pressing Create part. If you then press Cancel and closes 3D-5X then all attribute data is lost in the part in IGEMS. MAXZ, ZEROPOINT etc...CAM3D5X
FixedFixed tilted piercing problem. If cutting a part with bevel and user wants straight piercing then a circular piercing get tilted anyway. This is now fixed.CAM
FixedThe variable $attrib that can be enetered in the Edit toolpath command is now visible in following postprocessor functions RAPID, TOOLDOWN and PIERCING functionsCAMLISP
NewDimension settings can now have a user configured default setting. This default is used for new files. CAD
ChangedChanged to FIPS validated DLLLICENSE
ChangedIncreased the size of the postprocessor dropdown in the machine dialog.CAM
ChangedPick edges in curves dialog does not return to dialog when a curve is closed. This enables multiple curves to be created without returning to the dialog. 3D5X
ChangedChanged to two decimal places for the seconds input in the machine dialog/cutting equipment.CAM
FixedFixed bug with changing drawing when a command was active.
FixedRemoved debug graphics from previous version!CAM
NewNew command SmoothConnect. Connects two objects with a tangential curve (two arcs). CAD
FixedFixed bug with kerf calculations. Last segment could be removed if using a small negative overcut. Bug was introduced in R2020.4.2358.CAM
FixedSupport for new file type ICDF (Igems Cnc Data File)created by IGEMS cnc. This can be used for import of stitched photos taken by IGEMS cnc.
NewNew variable $datefirst is now available in the FOOTER function. The variable is a string returned by the DATETOSTR function Example: "20201015" yyyymmdd. The value is the earliest (first) date of any part in the cutorder. The value is used in IGEMS cnc.CAMLISP
ChangedAdded more error checking when loading the new Change Log. Parsing date using invariant culture and logging xml exceptions.
ChangedUpdate ILISP documentationLISP
NewNew LISP function DATETOSTR converts a datestring to "YEARMONTHDAY" example: "20201015"LISP
NewIt is now possible to edit the machine clamp settings from inside the sheet dialog.CAM
ChangedThe radius of the circles in the 2D-simulation is now determined by the machine "Tool outside diameter"CAM
NewNew feature when using "Use text as name" in create part. When clicking the Filter button you can also set a mapping that uses the text and extracts name,customer,quantity and date. Example the text is "MyPart_12_IGEMS_2020-10-10" then the mapping can extract name=MyPart, Quantity=12, Customer=IGEMS, Date=202-10-10CAM
NewDrag and drop can now create parts automatically and sets the name of the part to the filename (or using the new mapping feature). You have to RIGHT-DRAG the file while holding down SHIFT to create parts. CAM
NewSupport for Autodesk DWF and DWFX files
NewUser interface OPTIONS. Right click on a button will show an Options choice if that command has additional options.
NewUpdated the nest API. Some bug fixes and improved multi-tool nesting and common cut nesting.NEST
ChangedNow possible to type in height in 3D-5X rapids Height. When a rapid is highlighted just type in the height.3D5X
ChangedAdded an option to the CAM/Quick command if cutorder should be created. Right click on button to set this option.CAM
ChangedText is now unselected after editing.CAD
FixedParametric parts are now sorted correctly.CAD
FixedWhen using a 2D-toolpath on a 5-axis part, then the rapid heights sometime could be wrong. This is now fixed.CAM3D5X
NewYou can now also cut Fixed toolpaths using Bridge cutting in 3D-5X.3D5X
NewNew parametric part number 54 added to the parametric part library CAD
ChangedWhen using "Use text as part name" in create part we now check both the text grip position and center of text when deciding if the text belongs to a part.CAM
Fixed3D-5X marking can now have an attribute. This can be added in the Edit toolpath command in IGEMSCAM3D5X
FixedBridge width can now be set in 3D-5X Bridge cutting3D5X
FixedFixed bug that you could add a USB pwd file whithout deactivating a subscription temp license. Now when a TEMP license expires the subscription is automatically deactivated and you can add a USB PWD file.LICENSE
FixedFixed bug with Service center. When using USB dongle the service center started instead.LICENSE
FixedFixed bug that common cutlines was behind the parts in the images.REPORT
FixedFixed bug with Exception in Wrap command if no tube was selected.3D5X
FixedFixed bugs with 3D-5X bridge cutting.3D5X
ChangedChanged TileCut command to work on solid hatches instead of polylines. Use the Inlay command Render button to create the hatches then use TileCut to cut.TILEMAKER
FixedFixed bug with very slow IGEMS after the program have been inactive for a long period of time. This happens when using the subscription license system.LICENSE
FixedFixed bug with Auto Update feature. Wrong license was downloaded when we released 2020.4LICENSE
FixedIn previous version a new Tilt forward setting was added by mistake and set to true by default. This setting has not been tested yet and is now disabled until testing is completed.CAM
FixedFixed bug with dynamic leads in small circular holes. The lead could get shorter than the dynamic lead length.CAM
NewAdded JaggedGrid 1/3 to TileMakerCAMTOOLS
NewAdded "Auto on separated parts" in CommonCutlines. If this checkbox is checked all selected parts that do not have any common cuts will be cut using Contour Auto method. CAM
NewAdded Z-Sensor auto distance to materialCAM
NewUpdated to .NET 4.7.2
NewAdded automatic cost reports. Automatic report settings are now moved to a new tab in the strategy dialog.CAM
NewUpdated to EyeShot 2020.3.428CAM3D5X
ChangedAdded material and machine info to text caption of 3D-5X3D5X
ChangedWhen exploding a textured hatch the exploded entity will have the same color as the texture.CAD
ChangedImproved common cutline nesting in AutoNest.NEST
FixedFixed bug with CAM/Quick command. Entities on locked layers are now excluded.CAM
FixedFixed some bugs in 2d-kerf calculations and offset.CAM
FixedFixed bug in 3D-5X bridge command.3D5X
FixedFixed bug in kerf calculations with inside radius exactly the same as the kerf. Sometimes loops could be generated.CAM
FixedFixed bug in cutorder. Non-connected toolpaths like common cut was not found inside sheets.CAM
FixedFixed bug that created a fatal error in 2347CAD
NewNew AutoNest API version V7.NEST
ChangedChanged user profiles for Subscription licenses. - Supervisor, account admin and access to all functionality. - Engineer, access to all functionality but kickbacks. - Operator, can only access "Home" on but cant place orders.LICENSE
ChangedSubscription license activation is now done using Username and Password. Also separated normal activation and TEMP activationLICENSE
ChangedImprovement when nesting with part priorities. The highest priority parts are now nested closer to the origin/first on the sheet.NEST
FixedFixed bug with marking on curves created in the Curves dialog.3D5X
FixedFixed bug with hanging grids in multiple tools nestingNEST
FixedFixed some compiling problemsCAD
NewAdded ATTRIBUTE to EditPart dialog. Now all toolpaths can have an attribute. The feature is avaiable in the postprocessor function PIERCING and the variable that holds the information is $attribCAMLISP
NewAdded a (CLOSE-IGEMS <ask>) command. This LISP command will close IGEMS. Can ONLY be called for LISP scrips that run as command arguments when starting IGEMS. If the optional ask parameter is T it will check if drawings should be saved.LISP
NewThe customized toolbar TOOLBAR.LSP can now be placed in the IGEMS ProgramData folder. If doing so the customized toolbar will persist when updating to a new major version.
ChangedQuick nest custom distance is now saved in drawing.NEST
FixedFized a bug that could accure from the postprocessing if "Max cutting speed" in machine settings was set to a lower value than the cutting speed for the material. Then sometimes the result was faster than "Max cutting speed".CAM
FixedFixed bug with ellipse in DWG drawings. Some ellipses was not imported correctly from DWG.CADDATAEXCHANGE
NewAdded "Load file" to 3D-simulator. You can load simulation data from a file with the following syntax. X Y Z A B A is major axis rotation B in minor axis rotation A and B should be in radians X Y and Z are interpreted as mm or inch depending on the setting in IGEMSCAM
NewNew variable $leadname is now available in the postprocessor function PIERCINGCAMLISP
ChangedThe Order button now creates multiple Orders, one for each sheet. If you for example have two nested sheets and select all the parts from both sheets the Order command will create two Orders. This only applies to the Order command and not the Process command.CAM
FixedFixed a bug with wrong qualities in the new Quick command for creating parts.CAM
NewAdded a "Force mirror" setting to each part. This overrides all other mirror settings and nests the part mirrored.NEST
NewAdded GRID on/off to bottom right menu listCAD
NewAdded new command Quick to Process. This command will use all geometry on the drawing, create parts, toolpaths and cutorder. Then opens the Process dialog with these parts.CAM
NewAdded part sorting by X and Y in AutoNest dialog.NEST
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentationLISP
ChangedMoved Flip windup from Edit toolpath to 3D-5XCAM3D5X
ChangedMove and Copy can now be ended by pressing Enter or Space3D5X
FixedFixed bug with area sorting of parts in AutoNest dialogNEST
FixedFixed bug with tooltips and drawing tab tooltip imagesCAD
FixedOrigin symbol in 3D-simulation is now at the correct positionCAM
FixedFixed bug with result dialog freezing when nesting without any sheets.NEST
FixedFixed bug with 3D simulator graphics for 6-axis cuttingCAM
FixedFixed bug with feed calculations for materials where the speeds are faster than the machine max cutting speedCAM
FixedWhen creating a part in 3D-5X it is placed in a free position on the drawing. This free position now ignores locked layers and entities on invisible layers.3D5X
NewAdded a + tab for new drawingsCAD
NewAdded a Same as unit option for unitless drawing import. This means unitless drawings will have inch or mm depending on the Length Units settings.CAD
ChangedAuto toolpath now have quality for external and internal contours3D5X
ChangedDimension settings now defaults to 3 decimal places when using imperial unitsCAD
ChangedAdded separate buttons for 2D and 3D simulation in the process dialogCAM
ChangedThe cutorder can now be called with previously selected entitiesCAM
FixedFixed bug in CommonCutlines. Zig-Zag sorting did not change correctly.CAM
FixedAuto toolpath now uses the default Vector length and spacing settings3D5X
Fixed3D simulator can now be closed without stopping the simulationCAM
NewNew Hisory of changes system. Supports searching and sorting.
NewAdded command to color parts by customer.CAD
NewAdded default rapid height above model.3D5X
NewAdded possibility to add PartText as other objects instead. This makes it possible to mark the part text. The PartText command prompts the user with another question asking "As other object?".CAM
FixedBugfix created in 2311 is now fixed. Partwise Drilling, Marking and Pre-piercing was not working correctly.LISP
FixedQuickNest now ignores Machine Template geometry.NEST
NewProcess dialog remembers its width.
ChangedTVL now works on 3D-5X parts with 2D-toolpath.CAM
ChangedSTEP export in 3D-5X now saves the Fixture as well.3D5X
ChangedQuick Bevel command has now moved to the Toolpath menu in 3D-CAM.CAM
New Added a “Auto Update” feature. It will check for new versions every 14 days. You can manually check for updates in the About box. Only available for subscription licenses.
Fixed Fixed subscription system warning when using permanent USB passwords.LICENSE
NewBridge cutting in tool path dialog.3D5X
ChangedChanges and improvements on Qualities3D5X
Fixed Fixed subscription system warning when using permanent USB passwords.LICENSE
Changed Important change: It has been a mismatch between Rotax from a 2D (not used any more) and a Rotax from 3D-5X. The variable $ft (time for the movement) is from now always in minutes (not in seconds).LISP
FixedFixed bug that when using New part, the old part was renamed as well to the new parts name.3D5X
Fixed Changed a bug that has been there for a long time: The calculations for the automatic linear piercing distance has not been used.CAM
New Added NestX and NestY in the SHEETS table in reports. This is the width and height of all parts on the sheet.REPORT
Changed Updated ILISP documentationLISP
Fixed Cutting length and cutting time is now correct for tube cutting (Rotation axis).CAM
FixedFixed a bug that removed markings if the pressure was the same as cutting. This bug was created in previous version 2311.CAM
NewNew lisp function ARRAY that can be used for fast search in list.LISP
ChangedImproved speed while post processing of huge toolpath. In our example the speed was 720 times faster.CAM
ChangedImproved speed for reading DIG files with large cutorders.CADCAM
ChangedMRU list is not changed when loading ISF files. And the ISF file is added to the MRU list.CAD
FixedFixed bug with very short lines being converted to arcs.CAM
FixedFixed bug in GridFixture3D5X
Uncategorized Leadin and leadout is now accounted for correctly when using tool radius compensation in the CNC-controller.
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed bug with missing linetypes when loading parts and .3d5x files.3D5X
New3D-5X. Added a Quality command3D5X
FixedFixed bug with file locking. It is now not possible to open a locked file and the error message is better.CAD
FixedFixed bug in 2306 that occurs when using no leadout.CAM
NewAdded “Ignore holes” to CommonCutlineCAM
NewAdded toolpath graphics in 3D-simulator even for 2D-parts.CAM
New3D-5X. New command. Wrap. Wraps curves on extruded geometry (tubes)3D5X
NewWhen saving an ISF file it is also copied to the clipboard.CAD
ChangedLicense system. Temporary codes can no longer be activated using the password dialog. All temporary licenses must use the new subscription system for temp codes. Current temp codes will continue to work until expiration.CAD
ChangedLicense system. IGEMS trial version is now limited to 30 days.CAD
ChangedPostprocessor report now includes non-connected parts. For example when making a report of common cutlines. Note! Non-connected parts only have basic data like name, id etc. If a toolpath is mixing connected and non connected copies of the same part the data is undefined.CAM
Changed3D-5X. Added Quality selection in AutoToolpath command3D5X
NewCAD command Divide has a new option “N” that will spit up an object in optional number of equal parts.CAD
NewAdded NormalizeAngle to WheelControl user componentCAD
NewAdded an “Auto replace” checkbox in Organizer/RegisterORGANIZER
NewAdded a simple filter in Sheets/Inventory/All materialsCAM
NewAdded support for drag and drop in Organizer/Edit part dialogCAMORGANIZER
FixedFixed a bug with Organizer ID was lost when updating a 3D-5X part3D5X
FixedFixed a bug with speeds when cutting common cutlines. Some corners were detected as inner corners. When cutting without kerf all corners are treated as outside corners.CAM
FixedFixed bug with TAC interpolation between negative and positive TAC.CAM
FixedFixed bug with Dim positions in imperial unitsCAD
ChangedChanged that Rotation axis movements never can use G2/G3 in the cutting geometry.3D5X
FixedFixed bug that micro joint in 3D-5X could sometimes move to wrong Z-position3D5X
FixedAutoNest. If no sheet is added the user is prompted to select. This now works again.NEST
ChangedAdded extra information of subscription license in the support files .ISFCAD
FixedDid some changes in the hardware check for subscription licensesCAD
FixedFixed bug in the drilling command. In some cases the cutting could start with the wrong tool.CAM
ChangedVOC and LAG now works when kerf is calculated in controllerCAM
FixedFixed bugg in CommonCutlines Partwise. This bug was because of optimizations made in version R2020.2.2050CAM
Changed3D-5X. STOP has been moved to rapids3D5X
Changed3D-5X. File version increased to 3043 (to handle stops in rapids)3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed a bug when using user defined standoffs. Now handles negative standoffs.3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed a bug that standoff and engagement calculations were not correct after saving DIG file and opening it again.3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed bug when custom standoff was set on edges and not in corners.3D5X
FixedAutoNest. The result dialog has been rewritten internally. We have had reports that when pressing STOP/OK in the result dialog sometimes the parts are not added to the drawing. This rewrite should handle this bug. There are no visible changes to the dialog box or behavior.NEST
NewNew ILISP function (FUNTOSTR <function>) returns a function to text.LISP
NewNew lead feature. We have added a “dimpled” leadin/leadout.CAM
ChangedHuge speed optimization on Part Distance check.CAM
Changed3D-5X. Added a “Curves” button in the toolpath dialog to open the curves dialog.CAM
Changed3D-5X. When starting 3D-5X all selected entities will be imported.3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed bug Tools/Import of 3D-5X parts3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed bug with Open/Import of .3d5x parts with toolpaths3D5X
FixedFixed bug when cutting 2D-toolpath in 3D-5X. The last segment could be ignored.CAM3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Added a “Toolpath” button in the curves dialog to open the toolpath dialog.3D5X
FixedFixed bug in IGEMS.LSP Cutoff was called in the beginning.LISP
NewNew subscription licensing system. We have released our new dongle-free licensing system.LICENSE
NewIGEMS Cutting Angle Interpolation now also works on tilted piercing when simulating in 3D.CAD
ChangedMachine dialog now remembers the last active tab.CAM
Changed3D-5X. Some modification of the toolbar layout.3D5X
New3D-5X. Added more shortcuts.3D5X
New3D-5X. Better handling of STL files and mesh objects for surface selection.3D5X
New3D-5X. Scale now handles expression solving in input3D5X
New3D-5X. Pick distance buttons in rectangular array3D5X
New3D-5X. Pick distance in Extrude3D5X
New3D-5X. Circle displays running information on radius3D5X
New3D-5X. When inputing coordinates the Z value is relative to the sketch plane. For example in Move.3D5X
NewUniform bevel is rewritten and improved3D5X
NewOffset now selects selected contour after offsetCAD
NewImageTracer. You can now image trace inserted images by double clicking.SIGNMAKER
New3D-5X. Rapids now displays height when rapid is highlighted3D5X
Changed3D-5X. Extrude remembers it’s settings
ChangedInkjet is now sorted the same as the cutorderCAM
ChangedSystem requirements updatedCAD
ChangedAutoNest. Removed the part browser feature from AutoNest. Suspected memory problems when nesting for a very long time.NEST
Changed3D-5X. Toolpath now remembers the Show all checkbox3D5X
Changed3D-5X. Import file do no longer change the filename3D5X
Changed3D-5X. Better accept button behaviour in many dialogs3D5X
FixedFixed bugs with rapid coordinates from 3D-5X when using approach/retract3D5X
FixedFixed bug in Quick where Connect to part did not work on Slit-MultiCAM
NewImage tracer, added blur button.SIGNMAKER
Changed3D-5X. Circle radius default value is now remembered.3D5X
Changed3D-5X. Piercing type drilling now displays drill diameter.3D5X
FixedFixed bug in InkJet, disconnected part was not processed.CAM
FixedFixed bug with position dimension when plotting.CAD