CAD/CAM Changelog

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FixedRemoved debug graphics from previous version! CAM
NewNew command SmoothConnect. Connects two objects with a tangential curve (two arcs). CAD
FixedFixed bug with kerf calculations. Last segment could be removed if using a small negative overcut. Bug was introduced in R2020.4.2358. CAM
FixedSupport for new file type ICDF (Igems Cnc Data File)created by IGEMS cnc. This can be used for import of stitched photos taken by IGEMS cnc.
NewNew variable $datefirst is now avaiable in the FOOTER function. The variable is a string returned by the DATETOSTR function Example: "20201015" yyyymmdd. The value is the eariest (first) date of any part in the cutorder. The value is used in IGEMS cnc. CAM#LISP
ChangedAdded more error checking when loading the new Change Log. Parsing date using invariant culture and logging xml exceptions.
ChangedUpdate ILISP documentation LISP
NewNew LISP function DATETOSTR converts a datestring to "YEARMONTHDAY" example: "20201015" LISP
NewIt is now possible to edit the machine clamp settings from inside the sheet dialog. CAM
ChangedThe radius of the circles in the 2D-simulation is now determined by the machine "Tool outside diameter" CAM
NewNew feature when using "Use text as name" in create part. When clicking the Filter button you can also set a mapping that uses the text and extracts name,customer,quantity and date. Example the text is "MyPart_12_IGEMS_2020-10-10" then the mapping can extract name=MyPart, Quantity=12, Customer=IGEMS, Date=202-10-10 CAM
NewDrag and drop can now create parts automatically and sets the name of the part to the filename (or using the new mapping feature). You have to RIGHT-DRAG the file while holding down SHIFT to create parts. CAM
NewSupport for Autodesk DWF and DWFX files
NewUser interface OPTIONS. Right click on a button will show an Options choice if that command has additional options.
NewUpdated the nest API. Some bug fixes and improved multi-tool nesting and common cut nesting. NEST
ChangedNow possible to type in height in 3D-5X rapids Height. When a rapid is highlighted just type in the height. 3D5X
ChangedAdded an option to the CAM/Quick command if cutorder should be created. Right click on button to set this option. CAM
ChangedText is now unselected after editing. CAD
FixedParametric parts are now sorted correctly. CAD
FixedWhen using a 2D-toolpath on a 5-axis part, then the rapid heights sometime could be wrong. This is now fixed. CAM#3D5X
NewYou can now also cut Fixed toolpaths using Bridge cutting in 3D-5X. 3D5X
NewNew parametric part number 54 added to the parametric part library CAD
ChangedWhen using "Use text as part name" in create part we now check both the text grip position and center of text when deciding if the text belongs to a part. CAM
Fixed3D-5X marking can now have an attribute. This can be added in the Edit toolpath command in IGEMS CAM#3D5X
FixedBridge width can now be set in 3D-5X Bridge cutting 3D5X
FixedFixed bug that you could add a USB pwd file whithout deactivating a subscription temp license. Now when a TEMP license expires the subscription is automatically deactivated and you can add a USB PWD file. LICENSE
FixedFixed bug with Service center. When using USB dongle the service center started instead. LICENSE
FixedFixed bug that common cutlines was behind the parts in the images. REPORT
FixedFixed bug with Exception in Wrap command if no tube was selected. 3D5X
FixedFixed bugs with 3D-5X bridge cutting. 3D5X
ChangedChanged TileCut command to work on solid hatches instead of polylines. Use the Inlay command Render button to create the hatches then use TileCut to cut. TILEMAKER
FixedFixed bug with very slow IGEMS after the program have been inactive for a long period of time. This happens when using the subscription license system. LICENSE
FixedFixed bug with Auto Update feature. Wrong license was downloaded when we released 2020.4 LICENSE
FixedIn previous version a new Tilt forward setting was added by mistake and set to true by default. This setting has not been tested yet and is now disabled until testing is completed. CAM
FixedFixed bug with dynamic leads in small circular holes. The lead could get shorter than the dynamic lead length. CAM
NewAdded JaggedGrid 1/3 to TileMaker CAMTOOLS
NewAdded "Auto on separated parts" in CommonCutlines. If this checkbox is checked all selected parts that do not have any common cuts will be cut using Contour Auto method. CAM
NewAdded Z-Sensor auto distance to material CAM
NewUpdated to .NET 4.7.2
NewAdded automatic cost reports. Automatic report settings are now moved to a new tab in the strategy dialog. CAM
NewUpdated to EyeShot 2020.3.428 CAM#3D5X
ChangedAdded material and machine info to text caption of 3D-5X 3D5X
ChangedWhen exploding a textured hatch the exploded entity will have the same color as the texture. CAD
ChangedImproved common cutline nesting in AutoNest. NEST
FixedFixed bug with CAM/Quick command. Entities on locked layers are now excluded. CAM
FixedFixed some bugs in 2d-kerf calculations and offset. CAM
FixedFixed bug in 3D-5X bridge command. 3D5X
FixedFixed bug in kerf calculations with inside radius exactly the same as the kerf. Sometimes loops could be generated. CAM
FixedFixed bug in cutorder. Non-connected toolpaths like common cut was not found inside sheets. CAM
FixedFixed bug that created a fatal error in 2347 CAD
NewNew AutoNest API version V7. NEST
ChangedChanged user profiles for Subscription licenses. - Supervisor, account admin and access to all functionality. - Engineer, access to all functionality but kickbacks. - Operator, can only access "Home" on but cant place orders. LICENSE
ChangedSubscription license activation is now done using Username and Password. Also separated normal activation and TEMP activation LICENSE
ChangedImprovement when nesting with part priorities. The highest priority parts are now nested closer to the origin/first on the sheet. NEST
FixedFixed bug with marking on curves created in the Curves dialog. 3D5X
FixedFixed bug with hanging grids in multiple tools nesting NEST
FixedFixed some compiling problems CAD
NewAdded ATTRIBUTE to EditPart dialog. Now all toolpaths can have an attribute. The feature is avaiable in the postprocessor function PIERCING and the variable that holds the information is $attrib CAM#LISP
NewAdded a (CLOSE-IGEMS <ask>) command. This LISP command will close IGEMS. Can ONLY be called for LISP scrips that run as command arguments when starting IGEMS. If the optional ask parameter is T it will check if drawings should be saved. LISP
NewThe customized toolbar TOOLBAR.LSP can now be placed in the IGEMS ProgramData folder. If doing so the customized toolbar will persist when updating to a new major version.
ChangedQuick nest custom distance is now saved in drawing. NEST
FixedFized a bug that could accure from the postprocessing if "Max cutting speed" in machine settings was set to a lower value than the cutting speed for the material. Then sometimes the result was faster than "Max cutting speed". CAM
FixedFixed bug with ellipse in DWG drawings. Some ellipses was not imported correctly from DWG. CAD#DATAEXCHANGE
NewAdded "Load file" to 3D-simulator. You can load simulation data from a file with the following syntax. X Y Z A B A is major axis rotation B in minor axis rotation A and B should be in radians X Y and Z are interpreted as mm or inch depending on the setting in IGEMS CAM
NewNew variable $leadname is now available in the postprocessor function PIERCING CAM#LISP
ChangedThe Order button now creates multiple Orders, one for each sheet. If you for example have two nested sheets and select all the parts from both sheets the Order command will create two Orders. This only applies to the Order sommand and not the Process command. CAM
FixedFixed a bug with wrong qualities in the new Quick command for creating parts. CAM
NewAdded a "Force mirror" setting to each part. This overrides all other mirror settings and nests the part mirrored. NEST
NewAdded GRID on/off to bottom right menu list CAD
NewAdded new command Quick to Process. This command will use all geometry on the drawing, create parts, toolpaths and cutorder. Then opens the Process dialog with these parts. CAM
NewAdded part sorting by X and Y in AutoNest dialog. NEST
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentation LISP
ChangedMoved Flip windup from Edit toolpath to 3D-5X CAM#3D5X
ChangedMove and Copy can now be ended by pressing Enter or Space 3D5X
FixedFixed bug with area sorting of parts in AutoNest dialog NEST
FixedFixed bug with tooltips and drawing tab tooltip images CAD
FixedOrigin symbol in 3D-simulation is now at the correct position CAM
FixedFixed bug with result dialog freezing when nesting without any sheets. NEST
FixedFixed bug with 3D simulator graphics for 6-axis cutting CAM
FixedFixed bug with feed calculations for materials where the speeds are faster than the machine max cutting speed CAM
FixedWhen creating a part in 3D-5X it is placed in a free position on the drawing. This free position now ignores locked layers and entities on invisible layers. 3D5X
NewAdded a + tab for new drawings CAD
NewAdded a Same as unit option for unitless drawing import. This means unitless drawings will have inch or mm depending on the Length Units settings. CAD
ChangedAuto toolpath now have quality for external and internal contours 3D5X
ChangedDimension settings now defaults to 3 decimal places when using imperial units CAD
ChangedAdded separate buttons for 2D and 3D simulation in the process dialog CAM
ChangedThe cutorder can now be called with previously selected entities CAM
FixedFixed bug in CommonCutlines. Zig-Zag sorting did not change correctly. CAM
FixedAuto toolpath now uses the default Vector length and spacing settings 3D5X
Fixed3D simulator can now be closed without stopping the simulation CAM
NewNew Hisory of changes system. Supports searching and sorting.
NewAdded command to color parts by customer. CAD
NewAdded default rapid height above model. 3D5X
NewAdded possibility to add PartText as other objects instead. This makes it possible to mark the part text. The PartText command prompts the user with another question asking "As other object?". CAM
FixedBugfix created in 2311 is now fixed. Partwise Drilling, Marking and Pre-piercing was not working correctly. LISP
FixedQuickNest now ignores Machine Template geometry. NEST
NewProcess dialog remembers its width.
ChangedTVL now works on 3D-5X parts with 2D-toolpath. CAM
ChangedSTEP export in 3D-5X now saves the Fixture as well. 3D5X
ChangedQuick Bevel command has now moved to the Toolpath menu in 3D-CAM. CAM
New Added a “Auto Update” feature. It will check for new versions every 14 days. You can manually check for updates in the About box. Only available for subscription licenses.
Fixed Fixed subscription system warning when using permanent USB passwords. LICENSE
NewBridge cutting in tool path dialog. 3D5X
ChangedChanges and improvements on Qualities 3D5X
Fixed Fixed subscription system warning when using permanent USB passwords. LICENSE
Changed Important change: It has been a mismatch between Rotax from a 2D (not used any more) and a Rotax from 3D-5X. The variable $ft (time for the movement) is from now always in minutes (not in seconds). LISP
FixedFixed bug that when using New part, the old part was renamed as well to the new parts name. 3D5X
Fixed Changed a bug that has been there for a long time: The calculations for the automatic linear piercing distance has not been used. CAM
New Added NestX and NestY in the SHEETS table in reports. This is the width and height of all parts on the sheet. REPORT
Changed Updated ILISP documentation LISP
Fixed Cutting length and cutting time is now correct for tube cutting (Rotation axis). CAM
FixedFixed a bug that removed markings if the pressure was the same as cutting. This bug was created in previous version 2311. CAM
NewNew lisp function ARRAY that can be used for fast search in list. LISP
ChangedImproved speed while post processing of huge toolpath. In our example the speed was 720 times faster. CAM
ChangedImproved speed for reading DIG files with large cutorders. CAD#CAM
ChangedMRU list is not changed when loading ISF files. And the ISF file is added to the MRU list. CAD
FixedFixed bug with very short lines being converted to arcs. CAM
FixedFixed bug in GridFixture 3D5X
Uncategorized Leadin and leadout is now accounted for correctly when using tool radius compensation in the CNC-controller.
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed bug with missing linetypes when loading parts and .3d5x files. 3D5X
New3D-5X. Added a Quality command 3D5X
FixedFixed bug with file locking. It is now not possible to open a locked file and the error message is better. CAD
FixedFixed bug in 2306 that occurs when using no leadout. CAM
NewAdded “Ignore holes” to CommonCutline CAM
NewAdded toolpath graphics in 3D-simulator even for 2D-parts. CAM
New3D-5X. New command. Wrap. Wraps curves on extruded geometry (tubes) 3D5X
NewWhen saving an ISF file it is also copied to the clipboard. CAD
ChangedLicense system. Temporary codes can no longer be activated using the password dialog. All temporary licenses must use the new subscription system for temp codes. Current temp codes will continue to work until expiration. CAD
ChangedLicense system. IGEMS trial version is now limited to 30 days. CAD
ChangedPostprocessor report now includes non-connected parts. For example when making a report of common cutlines. Note! Non-connected parts only have basic data like name, id etc. If a toolpath is mixing connected and non connected copies of the same part the data is undefined. CAM
Changed3D-5X. Added Quality selection in AutoToolpath command 3D5X
NewCAD command Divide has a new option “N” that will spit up an object in optional number of equal parts. CAD
NewAdded NormalizeAngle to WheelControl user component CAD
NewAdded an “Auto replace” checkbox in Organizer/Register ORGANIZER
NewAdded a simple filter in Sheets/Inventory/All materials CAM
NewAdded support for drag and drop in Organizer/Edit part dialog CAM#ORGANIZER
FixedFixed a bug with Organizer ID was lost when updating a 3D-5X part 3D5X
FixedFixed a bug with speeds when cutting common cutlines. Some corners were detected as inner corners. When cutting without kerf all corners are treated as outside corners. CAM
FixedFixed bug with TAC interpolation between negative and positive TAC. CAM
FixedFixed bug with Dim positions in imperial units CAD
ChangedChanged that Rotation axis movements never can use G2/G3 in the cutting geometry. 3D5X
FixedFixed bug that micro joint in 3D-5X could sometimes move to wrong Z-position 3D5X
FixedAutoNest. If no sheet is added the user is prompted to select. This now works again. NEST
ChangedAdded extra information of subscription license in the support files .ISF CAD
FixedDid some changes in the hardware check for subscription licenses CAD
FixedFixed bug in the drilling command. In some cases the cutting could start with the wrong tool. CAM
ChangedVOC and LAG now works when kerf is calculated in controller CAM
FixedFixed bugg in CommonCutlines Partwise. This bug was because of optimizations made in version R2020.2.2050 CAM
Changed3D-5X. STOP has been moved to rapids 3D5X
Changed3D-5X. File version increased to 3043 (to handle stops in rapids) 3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed a bug when using user defined standoffs. Now handles negative standoffs. 3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed a bug that standoff and engagement calculations were not correct after saving DIG file and opening it again. 3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed bug when custom standoff was set on edges and not in corners. 3D5X
FixedAutoNest. The result dialog has been rewritten internally. We have had reports that when pressing STOP/OK in the result dialog sometimes the parts are not added to the drawing. This rewrite should handle this bug. There are no visible changes to the dialog box or behaviour. NEST
NewNew ILISP function (FUNTOSTR <function>) returns a function to text. LISP
NewNew lead feature. We have added a “dimpled” leadin/leadout. CAM
ChangedHuge speed optimization on Part Distance check. CAM
Changed3D-5X. Added a “Curves” button in the toolpath dialog to open the curves dialog. CAM
Changed3D-5X. When starting 3D-5X all selected entities will be imported. 3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed bug Tools/Import of 3D-5X parts 3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed bug with Open/Import of .3d5x parts with toolpaths 3D5X
FixedFixed bug when cutting 2D-toolpath in 3D-5X. The last segment could be ignored. CAM#3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Added a “Toolpath” button in the curves dialog to open the toolpath dialog. 3D5X
FixedFixed bug in IGEMS.LSP Cutoff was called in the beginning. LISP
NewNew subscription licensing system. We have released our new dongle-free licensing system. LICENSE
NewIGEMS Cutting Angle Interpolation now also works on tilted piercing when simulating in 3D. CAD
ChangedMachine dialog now remembers the last active tab. CAM
Changed3D-5X. Some modification of the toolbar layout. 3D5X
New3D-5X. Added more shortcuts. 3D5X
New3D-5X. Better handling of STL files and mesh objects for surface selection. 3D5X
New3D-5X. Scale now handles expression solving in input 3D5X
New3D-5X. Pick distance buttons in rectangular array 3D5X
New3D-5X. Pick distance in Extrude 3D5X
New3D-5X. Circle displays running information on radius 3D5X
New3D-5X. When inputing coordinates the Z value is relative to the sketch plane. For example in Move. 3D5X
NewUniform bevel is rewritten and improved 3D5X
NewOffset now selects selected contour after offset CAD
NewImageTracer. You can now image trace inserted images by double clicking. SIGNMAKER
New3D-5X. Rapids now displays height when rapid is highlighted 3D5X
Changed3D-5X. Extrude remembers it’s settings
ChangedInkjet is now sorted the same as the cutorder CAM
ChangedSystem requirements updated CAD
ChangedAutoNest. Removed the part browser feature from AutoNest. Suspected memory problems when nesting for a very long time. NEST
Changed3D-5X. Toolpath now remembers the Show all checkbox 3D5X
Changed3D-5X. Import file do no longer change the filename 3D5X
Changed3D-5X. Better accept button behaviour in many dialogs 3D5X
FixedFixed bugs with rapid coordinates from 3D-5X when using approach/retract 3D5X
FixedFixed bug in Quick where Connect to part did not work on Slit-Multi CAM
NewImage tracer, added blur button. SIGNMAKER
Changed3D-5X. Circle radius default value is now remembered. 3D5X
Changed3D-5X. Piercing type drilling now displays drill diameter. 3D5X
FixedFixed bug in InkJet, disconnected part was not processed. CAM
FixedFixed bug with position dimension when plotting. CAD
FixedMisstake, some internal comments were printed to the CNC-file. CAD
NewThe ROTAX postprocessor function now also has the variable $FE which is the theoretical cutting speed in mm/minute. CAM
FixedCombination. Kerf compensation in IGEMS and in CNC together with TVL did not write G41/G42. This bug is now fixed. CAM
FixedSIM3D folder is missing from this version. This affects new installations and not updates. CAM
FixedPiercing time for Hole cutting Stationary and Circular piercing was calculated with wrong thickness. This bug is now fixed. CAM
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed bug with parts not opening when double-clicking in IGEMS. This could happen if the original STEP file had the model in a block. 3D5X
FixedSIM3D folder is now installed again CAM
ChangedOn 5-axis kinematics where the major axis are vertical and the rotation could be infinity we from now never go back to zero rotation if the cutting angle is zero. We now go to the closest multiple of 360 degrees. CAM
Changed3D-5X. Changed the toolbar with a new Bevel area under CAM tab 3D5X
New3D-5X. Bevel. Apply bevels to a 2D-part 3D5X
Changed3D-5X. Quick bevel. Perform single bevel cuts on 2D-parts.
ChangedAll bevel functions have been moved to 3D-5X. You can open 2D-parts in 3D-5X and apply bevelst. Use the command "Bevel" to open a 2D part in 3D-5X. Then double-click on the part or use the Bevel command in 3D-5X to apply bevels to the part. The old commands are still available but will be removed in the future. CAM#3D5X
FixedFixed a speed bug that could happen if the C-axis was rotated a lot on a line segment this happens when the rotation is done with water of (a minor rewind). CAM
NewReports now support Form Fields, like checkboxes, dropdown lists etc… REPORT
ChangedUpdated report system to TX28 Enterprise REPORT
ChangedCommonCut now handles parts with multiple tools. It is no longer possible to select parts with different tool-setups. CAM
ChangedAutomatically closes an empty "Noname1" drawing when opening a new drawing. CAD
FixedFixed bug in AutoNest when using Groups. The new docked part browser caused a crash.
FixedFixed a bug that the Help window changed the Windows language. LISP#REPORT
FixedFixed bug that single segments being removed. CAM
NewA new LISP function CAM-CUTORDERSHEETS This will create multiple cut orders. One for each sheet. Will return a list of cut order entities. LISP
Changed3D-5X. There is now an Auto button in Curves dialog that will find curves automatically for simple planar parts. 3D5X
FixedBug fix. The last segment in a circle that was converted to a line could be shorter than what's specified in the machine setting. This could cause problems on old CNC-controllers with poor kerf compensation. CAM
FixedThere is a known bug in this version. A new version will soon be uploaded. If a toolpath consists of only one segment this segment can be removed! CAD
New3D-5X. New feature. The start position of a toolpath can be moved. Only available on closed toolpaths. 3D5X
New3D-5X. Added axis option to getpoint. This means you can move/copy along an axis. 3D5X
ChangedAdded a docked part browser in AutoNest. NEST
FixedFixed bug on lead-in speed that could occur on some 3D-5X parts. 3D5X
FixedFixed bug with CommonCutlines sheetwise. In some special cases the outer contour was not cut last. Also modified the sorting to follow the machine default zero corner. CAM
FixedFixed ISF file "illegal chars" exception. ISF files with illegal characters in the filenames can now be opened correctly, the files are renamed. CAD
FixedFixed bug with wrapped arcs when cutting bevelcuts with standoff. 3D5X
FixedFixed bug with saving profiles in Organizer ORGANIZER
New3D-5X. Pressing Ctrl+C when a sketch plane is active will display the normal vector to the plane and copy it to the clipboard. 3D5X
New3D-5X. Added support for using TransMagic to open CATPART files. TransMagic is a CAD translator software. We have integrated support for using TransMagic to open Catia CATPART files in 3D-5X. 3D5X
FixedFixed bug with barcodes in reports. To fix this manually copy the files TXBarcode.dll and TXBarcode.Windows.Forms.dll from the IGEMS bin/x64 folder to the bin folder. REPORT
NewNew Eyeshot version 2020 3D5X
New3D-5X. Added Intersection snap to getpoint. 3D5X
Changed3D-5X. Export STEP now supports selecting objects to export. 3D5X
ChangedNow possible to reorder buttons in Custom toolbar tab. CAD
ChangedChanged to VisualStudio 2019 platform CAD
Changed3D simulation changed the current culture making some LISP dates being displayed in the wrong format when using reports. LISP#REPORT
ChangedRefreshed the IGEMS toolbar with new icons and a new look. Added drawing tabs in the toolbar for the drawings instead of the popup drawing button. CAD
Changed3D-5X. Toolbar refresh and some redesign of the Toolpath dialog. 3D5X
Changed3D-5X. Combined Marking and TextMarking to one button. 3D5X
FixedFixed bug when deleting standard sheets. CAM
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed bug with rapids when using slave cuts. 3D5X
FixedFixed lead bug when using CommonCut sheetwise with zero distance. CAM
FixedFixed bug in Curvefit. Arcs were removed in some cases. CAMTOOLS
FixedFixed bug with nesting 3D-5X parts with arcs, the parts could be placed to close. 3D5X#NEST
NewNew ILISP Nesting functions that can be called from applications. The ILISP documentation is also updated. LISP
ChangedAdded more error information when a PWD file is invalid. LICENSE
Changed3D-5X. Improved engagement calculation when using FIXED cut type and upper-lower engagement. 3D5X
FixedFixed issue for generating preview picture in preparation dialog for preparations with zero size. (For example a point marking only) CAM
NewNow possible to turn off text below the buttons in the toolbar. For experienced users this will allow for a more compact toolbar. Setting is found in Preferences/General.
ChangedImproved SPLINE imports from DXF/DWG files DATAEXCHANGE
FixedFixed bug with arcs in inside corners when using machine kerf. CAM
New3D-5X. Magnifying glass command shortkey Shift+X 3D5X
NewNew icons
ChangedUpdated report system to V27sp1 REPORT
ChangedImproved Curvefit to handle lines that are divided into many small segments. Curvefit will first make a pass to merge these lines before doing the arc fitting. CAMTOOLS
ChangedUniform bevel now handles multiple contours 3D5X
ChangedSupport only 64 bit operating system, 32 bit can be downloaded by request.
FixedFixed bug with marking multi-line text CAM
FixedFixed bug with exploding multi-line text CAD
FixedBug fix in a LISP function ConvertTapids LISP
ChangedZig-Zag sorting dialog now only pops up when pressing the new “edit” button for sorting in Cutorder, Commoncutlines and ContourCut dialogs. CAM
ChangedSpeedup microjoints are now displayed with a fat yellow line to be more visible. CAM
ChangedAdded a checkbox to CreateSheet to control if Collar should be used or not. CAM
FixedFixed bug in LISP function ConvertRapids LISP
FixedFixed bug in CostEstimate report CostMaterial and CostMaterialArea tags were not correct in Inch mode. REPORT
NewStandard bevel now has the possibility to always create loops on outer corners CAM
Changed3D-5X. Auto toolpaths can now create fixed or variable toolpaths and not only ruled. 3D5X
ChangedNumber of currently selected objects are now visible in the prompt when selecting CAD
FixedFixed crash bug with zoom/pan in bevel dialog. CAM
Fixed3D-5x. Fixed that tube design does not add tube axis if the selected machine has no six axis. 3D5X
New3D-5X. Added a Remove all button to toolpath dialog 3D5X
ChangedDistance command now displays the measurements while measuring. CAD
ChangedCommon cutlines now treats circular arcs with a chord height below 0.02mm as lines. This enables us to find common cuts on such edges. CAM
Changed3D-5X. Auto toolpath now uses current curves if they exist. 3D5X
FixedBug fix in the ILISP function CAM-CONVERTRAPIDS LISP
NewNew command. Rescale image. This command will reduce the size of large images to the zoomed-in resolution. This can greatly reduce the size of drawings with many large resolution images. CAD#CAMTOOLS
FixedFixed bug with FloatingLicense. The license could be released and used by another client making the original client unable to save his files. #1301 LICENSE
NewAutoNest. New feature. You can now attach objects to a part. These objects will be copied with the part but they are not used for collisions in the nesting. NEST
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentation. LISP
NewNew variables *SIM-ADDX* and *SIM-ADDY* can be specified in the postprocessor. This will add a displacement to the motion in 3D-Simulation. LISP
NewNew function: (SIM-DRAWLINE x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 color lineweight) Can be used in the postprocessor to draw lines in the 3D-simulation. LISP
NewNew function: (SIM-MOVEMODEL <DX> <DY> <DZ>) will move the simulation model (the part) in the distance given by the arguments. LISP
NewNew LISP function: CAD-ARCQUADRANTS returns a list of quadrants that the arc passes. LISP
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentation. LISP
ChangedUpdated IGEMS documentation.
ChangedCutorder form now highlights the selected part by showing the Quality graphics. CAM
ChangedInkjet can now be rotated freely using grips if machine has Inkjet Direction=Rotated CAM
ChangedChanged logic when ROTAX is performed on 3D-5X parts. We now only create ROTAX if the movement is shorter than the number of decimals for X,Y or Z motions in the NC-file. CAM#3D5X
Fixed3D-5X. Fixed bug with microjoints. Microjoints that was not in XY-plane got flipped. 3D5X
NewNow possible to import parts from Organizer directly from AutoNest dialog NEST
FixedFixed bug in Split part CAM
RemovedRemoved Standoff and Offset edits in the toolpath dialog. Now we only have one edit called Standoff. 3D5X
NewAdded setting to use another Common Cut method. (Experimental) NEST
ChangedChanged Rapids form, removed End rapids. End rapids are now handled the same way as start rapids. Also fixed some bugs and improved some dragging problems when changing rapid heights. 3D5X
ChangedPostprocessor variable $contains in HEADER. Bit value 2 was only activated if marking use another pressure than cutting. This value is now always 2 if marking is used. LISP
UncategorizedSome internal modifications to Kerf calculations on 3D-parts.
ChangedUpdated to Eyeshot 12.0.583. 3D5X
ChangedSome adjustment on visualisation of End Rapid in 3D-5X. 3D5X
FixedFixed a bug reading DWG files. CAD
NewAdded a new bit value in variable $Contains in HEADER. Value 256 is added if the job has Special marking. LISP
NewAdded Visible rapids checkbox to show/hide rapids 3D5X
ChangedImproved speed when creating curves from surfaces. 3D5X
ChangedBridge command -> Qualities are now copied from the source parts to the bridge cutting path. CAM
ChangedDrag and drop of files from windows shell done with the right mouse button now behaves like the import command (ie. insert text capabilities). Left button works as before. CAD
FixedBug with multiple unnecessary license checks LICENSE
FixedFix a problem that started in R2019.4.2037. All postprocessor must have support for $reason 5 in the Rapid command to make a good tool down. This is now changed and this makes postprocessors more compatible. LISP
NewAdded STOP checkbox to MicroJoints CAM
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentation. LISP
ChangedUpdated IGEMS documentation.
ChangedInitial Z Toolup goes to very upper position in case there is a 3D-5X part. CAM#3D5X
ChangedYou can now modify the first height in 3D-5X. 3D5X
FixedWhen using floating license and having many toolpaths the license was checked all the time slowing down all commands. 3D5X#LICENSE
FixedFixed problem with Initial Toolup. CAM
NewAdded current time to 2D-simulation CAM
NewAdded radius to Measure command 3D5X
ChangedMachine will now go to initial height of the first rapid what you see on the screen. 3D5X
FixedFixed bugs in kerf compensation 3D5X
FixedFixed bug in CommonCutline where the lead could be placed inside the material. CAM
FixedReplaces R2019.4.2024 (all changes was not available in that version)
FixedFixed bug in Option Dialog that shows when postprocessing. The Cancel button did not cancel the postprocessing. CAM
FixedFixed bug with the new feature to keep XY-arcs in 3D-5X cutting. 3D5X
FixedCustom standoff did not work if no bottom curve was defined. 3D5X
NewNew toggle in Various tab in Strategy. “Show options dialog”. With this you can turn On/Off the visibility of the Options while post processing. CAM
NewPossibility to undo points when setting camera calibration grid (using backspace). CAMERA
NewCutting in XY-plane will now generate circular arcs when posting if possible. 3D5X
NewAdded individual TVL settings for each toolpath in 3D-5X. This means you can control if TAC, VOC and LAG should be applied to a toolpath. 3D5X
New3D-simulator redesign. We have redesigned the 3D-simulator and added a trackbar and collision/tilt warning bars. All checkboxes have been moved to a popup button. The double arrow buttons now jump to the next/previous cut (same as 2D sim). CAM
Changed3D-simulator. We have optimized the collision detection to be much faster. CAM
ChangedRemoved “Normal to surface” button. We have changed the way you define normal to surface cuts. Now you go into the Connection dialog and in this dialog we have added a new “normal to surface” button. When pressing this you just click along the toolpath at positions where you want the tool to be normal to the surface. Between these points the tool will interpolate. This means you should add more points where there is high curvature and less point in areas with smoother curvature. We believe this method is easier to understand and it is much faster and easier to perform. Movie: Normal to surface 3D5X
ChangedTVL. Improvements and bug fixes in the speed calculations. Better detection of radius on some geometries. CAM
ChangedSpeed calculation changes. The speed for circular arcs now uses the same logic as older versions. That means that an arc with a radius larger than the thickness/engagement will be cut at full speed. CAM
FixedNew fixed cutting parameter setting for [13] 0.33 Orifice called [13-40-3600]. This comes with new TVL files for Aluminum, Mild steel and Stainless steel. CAM
NewNew ILISP function (FILE-SIZE <file name>) returns the file size in bytes or nil if file not exists or if something else is wrong. LISP
NewIGEMS Rental system. Added a new error message if dongle can not be written to. This can happen if the system has write protected external drives. In this case check with your system administrator. LICENSE
NewNew post processor variable $Underlay in the HEADER function.. LISP
NewNew post processor variable $AngleIPO in HEADER function. This is T if Angle Interpolation is activated. Angle Interpolation can only be used by by IGEMS CNC. LISP
NewNew button at Lower Right corner of IGEMS handles different options. For the moment only: Show machine template ON/OFF Colored parts ON/OFF CAD
ChangedUpdated documentation about Floating License Manager. LICENSE
FixedFixed bug about go back to low pressure at the end of program if program starts with low pressure and the serial production flag is activated. CAM
FixedFixed bugs with Multi Loops. The quality was not copied correctly, all parts with loops got medium quality. Also copies of the selected tool path also got loops. CAM
FixedFixed bug in speed on object before ROTAX movement. LISP
FixedFixed bug with StretchPart on some types of bevel cuts. CAM
FixedFixed bug in feed calculations on 3D-5X parts where bottom path is longer than top path. CAM#3D5X
NewPostprocessor function PIERCING has now a new variable $clen that are the cutting length of actual geometry without lean-in and lead-out. LISP
NewAdded “Snap to grid”, shortkey F3 to toggle on/off. CAD
NewNew variable $density in the postprocessor HEADER function. This has a value of the weight in kilo for 1000x1000x1000 mm = (m3). LISP
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentation. LISP
ChangedMade some changes to Measure. 3D5X
FixedFixed bug with 2D-cutting using VOC and TAC. On circular holes with overcut the TAC vectors could sometimes be wrong. CAM
FixedFixed Zoom extents in 3D-simulation CAM
NewAdded possibility to define fixed vector using angle and tilt CAM#3D5X
NewAdded Arc Factor setting in the material. This setting can be used to control the speeds of circular arcs. Setting a value smaller than 1.0 will give lower speeds and a value larger than 1.0 will give higher speeds. CAM
NewThe speed calculation now detects inner corners with small tangential arcs. CAM
ChangedImproved Connection dialog, added Normal to surface handling and fixed some bugs with transformed toolpaths. 3D5X
FixedFixed bug with wrong quality when using VOC on 2D-parts. #1189 CAM
FixedFixed bug with marking. The feeds was wrong and did not follow the marking speed settings in the material. 3D5X
FixedFixed bugs in detecting inner/outer corners in speed calculations. CAM
NewILISP: New (GETVAR “IGEMSCNC”) returns the address of iGEMS CNC given in the preference dialog. LISP
NewImplemented support for IGEMS CNC Cutting Angle Interpolation. CAM
NewILISP: A new attribute ITEMS for GP-CHOICE makes it possible to completely replaces lists in a GP-CHOICE object. The ITEMS attribute can also be used in GP-GETQ and GP-SETQ functions. LISP
NewIt is now possible to add custom standoffs to the toolpath. This is done in the Connection dialog. 3D5X
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentation. LISP
FixedBug fix that could generate some strange movement in complex models. 3D5X
NewAdded radius to QuickFilter CAD
NewOffsetPart. You can offset individual contours of a part. CAM
ChangedUpdated IGEMS documentation.
FixedFixed bug with Section command when you select a different plane. 3D5X
NewWhen using partwise common cuts you can now set a “GAP” distance. This gap will create small tabs holding the parts to the sheet. CAM
FixedFixed issue when undoing polyline chamfer. CAD
FixedMade the ‘quick launch icon’ option in the installer works again (see ) for how to make it visible.
FixedFixed bug with arc interpolation introduced in R2019.2.1950 3D5X
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentation. LISP
FixedNew command Loops mainly developed to support Combo machines WaterJet/Plasma. Note! Absolute not good to use together with TAC or TVL on Rotated Kinematics but will work on Tilted Kinematics. CAM
FixedFixed bug with material thickness change when postprocessing. CAM
UncategorizedNew quarter (same version as 1975)
ChangedGreatly improved ability to scan for cameras on multiple sub-networks. CAMERA
ChangedChanged the rules for default scripts in Various tab on the machine setting.
ChangedUpdated IGEMS documentation. LISP
FixedFixed bug when using kerf calculated by machine. CAM
FixedFixed bug with arcs being split in speed calculations. CAM
NewAdded machine layout template drawing. Each machine can have a connected template drawing that is inserted when you select the machine. Specify under Various in machine dialog. The drawing will be stored automatically in Shared\MachineTemplates CAM
ChangedImproved accuracy of arc creation in 2d cutting. CAM
FixedFixed bug with Holes command and mirrored parts. CAM
NewInformation about sheet name is now available in the HEADER function and can be shown as information for operator. CAM
NewIGEMS is now available in Slovakian language.
ChangedStop command now uses the correct position, and only one stop is generated. 3D5X
ChangedUpdated ILISP documentation. LISP
FixedFixed issue with drawing arc center-start-length. CAD
NewStretchPart under CAM/Part tab. With this command you can stretch the part geometry and the toolpaths will follow. You can also stretch and move holes in the part. CAM
NewNew command Mirror. Added mirror command under CAD/Transform dropdown. 3D5X
NewAdded possibility to select sketch plane when selecting planes. 3D5X
ChangedModify sketch plane can now also rotate the sketch plane. 3D5X
ChangedImproved tool vector accuracy/interpolation 3D5X
ChangedIn the postprocessor HEADER function more bit values are added to the variable $contain: 64 is added if the toolpath has geometry that are using speed ramping (that's the normal case) 128 is added if the toolpath has geometry that are NOT using speed ramping. LISP
FixedFixed bug with Ctrl+Paint in Quality #1120 CAM
FixedFixes for automatic part distance setting, which in rare cases could cause postprocessing to fail. CAM
FixedFixed issue when importing multiple DXF/DWG where each file uses multiple sheet space technology. CAD
FixedCorrected bug in quickbevel when cutting multiple paths with different tilt on the same geometry. CAM
ChangedUpdated some icons 3D5X
NewNow possible to add commands to quick access and custom tab. 3D5X
NewAdded Surface to Design tab. This command converts a planar curve to a surface. 3D5X
ChangedImproved surface creation in Ruled bevel from IGEMS. 3D5X
ChangedThe toolbar is now created using a LISP script the same as IGEMS 3D5X
ChangedIf using overcut the speed calculation slows down to low feed before the overcut and the whole overcut is cut with low feed. CAM
Changed3D-simulation can now turn on/off toolpaths from 3D-5X CAM#3D5X
ChangedBlind lead are now always using max cutting speed. This was not the case before since blind lead with TAC was using low speed. 3D5X
ChangedMajor change in postprocessor function TILT. This function are now using $reason 1 when setting the jet straight and $reason 4 at the end of the program. Before $reason was 4 in both those cases. LISP
ChangedShift F2 and F2 will save zoom and camera position in the 3D-simulation. CAM
FixedFixed bug that under certain conditions do not apply the maximum chord length when postprocessing arcs. CAM
FixedFixed a bug when instantiating multiple copies of the same .dig template when file locking is used.
FixedFixed bug with cutting speeds if using Fixed 3D5X
FixedFixed bug in Uniform ruled bevel command 3D5X
UncategorizedFixed DWG/DXF loading issue for INSERT entities which pointed to a non existing block.
NewAdded uniform ruled bevel command. (NOTE: Does not work!!!) 3D5X
ChangedUpdated model for IGEMS-Tilter. CAM#3D5X
FixedFixed bug with nesting 3D5X parts with an EndRapid or STOP #1129 3D5X#NEST
NewNew simulation models for IGEMS-Tilter. CAM
ChangedOptimization of geometry reduces the size of the CNC file to 30% of version 1904 3D5X
FixedFixed nesting bug with the new parts from 3D-5X. 3D5X#NEST
FixedBug in combination with VOC and overcut could sometimes result in that the cutting went in the opposite direction. CAM
NewDropCurve. Added the possibility to use another method for calculating the drop curves. This method is a little bit more robust but not as accurate. Use this method if the normal method fails or misses some curves. 3D5X
FixedFixed bug when inserting parts from Organizer ORGANIZER
FixedFixed bug in Preparation with wrong thickness when using 2D bevel and normal cut. CAM
FixedDropCurve. Fixed bug with debug graphics being added when using DropCurve. 3D5X
ChangedThe speed and ramping distance is now more user definable. CAM
ChangedNow user defined TVL files are included in support files .ISF CAM
FixedFixed bug cutting Fixed bevel parts. CAM
FixedFixed bug with that a line, arc can start with another speed than previous line, arc end speed when Speed interpolation by CNC is activated
FixedFixed bug in the new “rectangular sheet” command with relative coordinates. CAM
FixedFixed bug that could occur on 5-axis heads where the major axis is vertical and the secondary axis could only be positive. This could before generate REWIND functions. LISP
FixedFixed bug with import of multiple drawings that had blocks with identical names. CAD
NewAdded sorting of toolpaths. At the moment only left to right. We will add more sorting options in the future. 3D5X
ChangedUpdated IGEMS.docx Better description of TVL. LISP
FixedThe lead-in was not using fixed speed if the system was set to Fixed speed. CAM
NewNew ILISP function ALERTHELP is a similar function as ALERT with a link to the help file (IGEMS.DOCX). LISP
ChangedVOC functionality is improved.. CAM
ChangedUpdated help file.
ChangedOld drawings will now use latest Cutting parameter profile as default. Before it as using the same profile as used when the drawing was saved. CAM
NewSupport for drawing sheets in dxf/dwg. Each sheet will be added as a block whose name starts with “SHEET…” CAM
NewAdded support for chain cutting of uncompensated parts. CAM
NewAdded UNDO to modify rapids #1115 3D5X
ChangedWhen modifying a rapid you now start at the last position of the current rapid. #1115 3D5X
ChangedImproved LAG calculations in the new TVL system CAM
FixedFixed serious bug in IGEMS.LSP that causes many unnecessary rewinds on a 5-axis machines where the major axis is vertical. LISP