IGEMS Camera


This camera will make you locate the zero point faster, and make you place parts onto sheets faster.

Zero point

The camera is mounted over your machine table and imports an image directly into your IGEMS drawing. When installing the camera you are asked to calibrate the image. This calibration will scale and warp the image to the exact same size as your machine table. By doing this, you can put your material on the machine knowing where your material is, and how it looks.

Remnant sheets

Anyone operating a CNC machine knows the time it takes setting up the material properly. Making sure your parts will fit the material and more importantly, making the machine start on the right position.

Our camera does that for you. When you install the camera, we will ask you to pick points in a grid on your machine table. This grid will be used to transform your image into the actual size of your machine table. Once the image lands on your drawing, you have your remnant sheet in live size. After that it’s a piece of cake fitting you parts.

Contact us or your machine builder for pricing and more info.